Monday, August 31, 2015

350 Blocks Project 2015- August Report

I got started early this month. Finally I am getting things moving again. The groove is back I think. Hooray just in time as there is deadline to meet. I am cutting it a little fine. The quilts are designed and fabric selected but I still need to make the quilts and write the patterns. The pressure is on. Fingers crossed I can get it done. sometime I need that deadline hanging over my head to get moving a little quicker.
This month's total is 30. 

This month I have made some more Ohio Star blocks, 3 more.

 Finished my last 3 blocks for the Little Joys Quilt Along and sewn all the blocks together 3 rows and borders. So a total of 7. All done.

I made 2 test blocks 1 successful and 1 failure. A redo for the failed block. Done. So 2.

I have been working on 2 quilts that are one patch quilts, so I only counted the rows.
The first one I can't show a picture yet. It is a special secret project for my Fully Stacked event but I can tell you there is 8 across and 10 rows down. 10 for this quilt.

The second one patch quilt is my Leaders & Enders Project for this year. It is a tumbler quilt. So far the total is 3 rows.

Another test block it belongs with the red, white and blue test block.

Plus a stack 4 patch blocks from a Fully Stacked project. It stands at 30 blocks.

As I have been doing well this month the next Fully Stacked quilt has been started with 9 blocks completed and row joined and sewn together for a total 20.

My total for the month is 76.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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