Monday, August 24, 2015

Under the Pressure Foot #10

This weekend I pinned 2 quilt tops ready for some more quilt ruler testing.  So far I am loving the Westalee quilting rulers. I had gone back to doing more straight line free motion quilting as I have been struggling with curves and I had nearly given up on going further with my free motion quilting due to the lack of success. With some new advice on free motion quilting on my machine (and that was the key I needed someone who knew my brand of machine) I have been put back on track. It is true it is the little things the matter. Just having the wrong needle in my machine nearly ruined my free motion quilting adventure. The machine still doesn't like to go backwards but if I can avoid it I will.
 I watched a few more tutorials on the rulers during the week and they have inspired me to try a couple more rulers in the sampler set. First I tried the Spin-e-fex #4 ruler which creates a lovely floral design.

 I did want to use this ruler on my Star quilt but when I sewed the sample it was a little small for my 9' block. That is why I started with this quilt instead of my star quilt that I really wanted to quilt first because it has been sitting here the longest. Never mind it will be next.
 To see the whole front you have to wait a little longer as it is part of a special event coming soon. Keep your eyes open for Cynthia's Ark Fully Stacked for the big reveal. Here is a little bit of the back and a better look of my quilting.

The Westalee Design Ruler Foot  is available in the shop now and a range of their rulers will be available in my shop shortly. When ordering the quilting foot you need to tell me in the comment box as you go through the checkout which machine you plan to use it on as there is 4 sizes available. Once you know which foot you need that will also tell you which size rulers you use with your foot, as the rulers come in 2 sizes.

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