Saturday, March 31, 2018

April's One Monthly Goal Project

It is time to select April's project to work on. I was going to select my Desert Sky quilt which is ready for borders and was last month's project. During the last week of March I was working on a little remembrance quilt from Anzac fabrics that had arrived in store. With Anzac Day on the 25th April, it seem to set itself. I have to finish in time so I can hang it to celebrate our fallen heroes that have serviced our country.

I have linked my post to Elm Street Quilts post, so pop over and check out what everyone is working on during April.
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2018 350 Block Report - March

We have the total of  35 this month.

With lots on over the month how much sewing time was I going to have. This is what I managed to do.

The final 9 blocks of my Desert Sky quilt were completed and all the block were sewn together ready for the borders to go on for a total of 16.

1 super sized block from Jenny Doan Missouri Star Quilt Co workshop. I have made the rest of the HST blocks for the rest of the project but haven't count them as they are only sub blocks.

1 English paper pieced block from an upcoming Block of the month I will be running in the shop.
No picture as it is secret sewing.
1 bordered panel. this panel is huge.

Anzac Day Remembrance Quilt.
9 blocks and border for 14.

My total for March is  33. I didn't quite reach the total this month but a lot of sub blocks were made so hopefully there will be a month with a big batch of completed blocks.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

The Anzac Quilt is Developing in to a Quilt

Continuing on from my last post on the Anzac fabrics that had arrived in store, I found myself with a little time at the sewing machines after a couple of hours standing cutting fabrics for kits. I am trying not to spend too long doing one job as I am having trouble with my neck again and now my back.

 I had four blocks made and I set myself to sew up 5 more blocks to make nine in total. It would be easy to make this quilt larger if you want too. Time is what stopped me going further as there is under a week to the Laura Folk Fair and as long as I got this to the quilt top stage I can display it.

After getting the blocks completed I looked at the border, it needed some calculations to get it to work due to the fabric being directional. I only wanted to cut one strip and I didn't want any joins because the border strips would have only of been 2-3 inch short. Once I double check my calculations I cut the side borders first and sewed them on. I took a deep breath and measured the quilt with the borders on and yes my calculation were good with just over a quarter of a inch to spare with the selvedge. I cut the top and bottom borders a little wider because it is such a beautiful poppy print. In a couple of hours I have my Anzac Quilt ready for pinning and quilting. I will see if I have any time to do that over the weekend, with a class on Saturday I will not be able to do it  then, but maybe Sunday or Monday I will find the time. I do need to find some time for pining as I have 4 quilts waiting to be pinned.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

An Adventure with Anzac Fabrics

While I was away at Cotton Carnivale these fabrics from Kennerds Anzac range.
 I had Narelle and her daughter pop in on Sunday where she spotted the Anzac Fabrics. A Rememberance quilt is something she wanted to make. She asked me what I had planned to make with them? I told her I just won't have the time as Anzac Day is only 4 weeks away.  The following day I was thinking about the fabrics and what would I do with them, and before I knew it I had design a possible quilt.

In the end I used a simple framed block, fussy cutting some squares from the border print and teaming it up with the sandbag fabric for the frame. The second block features one of the poppy prints and the barbwire fabric for the frame. I did sew four blocks up to see what they look like.

In making these blocks I had a couple of off cuts from the border print with one Soldier on it and I am wondering if I can use them in the design. I will have a play with them and maybe a quilt will come to life from this adventure.
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Monday, March 26, 2018

March's One Monthly Goal Completed

I didn't set myself a big challenge this month because it is a busy month. All I wanted to do is finish the last 9 blocks of my Desert Sky Quilt. Here is the details.
I am happy to say the nine blocks were completed and I managed to get all the blocks sewn together ready for the first border to go on. So I am more than happy with March's goal.

I have linked my post up with Elm Street Quilts so pop over and see how everyone went with their goals.

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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Cotton Carnivale Part 3.

Here are a few more photos from my trip to Noosa.

Sue Daley's stunning quilts from the left is Evergreen, Round We Go block of the month which you can still join here at Cynthia's Ark with Faded Memories for the fabric or just get the templates and papers and use your own stash. Lastly Sue's new one Windchimes 

 Sue Daley's Evergreen quilt made with templates which can be hand or machine pieced. It will be a block of the month later this year to help us use some of our stash up.
 Funky Friends Factory softies which we already have some in stock and there will be more like Snags the Sausage dog.
 Keera Job who designed Daisy Days which we still have some in store. There will be some of her patterns arriving soon.
 Aggie, Audrey and me.
 Lindsey from Sew to Grow. Her workshop was  a high light. I will be running some clothing workshop with some help.
 Jenny's workshop. How big is my star block? Bottom left.
Joanne from Tranquility Crafts and myself at the gala dinner with special guest Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Co.
 A couple of shots out and about.
Now I must get back to the real world.
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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Cotton Carnivale 2018 Part 2

On day 2 at Cotton Carnivale 2018 we had a morning talk with Sue Daley before we spent the rest of the day with Lindsey from Sew to Grow. What a fantastic first session on grading patterns. I was so far out of my comfort zone and that this class was not for me.

Then we hit the sewing room to making our Bondi Top.

 Scary stuff making this top as I have not done much clothes mading.  It turns out it is a lot easier than I thought. Though there was a couple of times I thought my head was going to explode.
My finished shop sample. I will be having another go at this one in my size. This one will be a class in the second half of the year with another couple of classes using Lindsey's patterns.

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fractured Paintbox Quilt Workshop

On Sunday we had Elizabeth back in store for her to teach the Fractured Paintbox quilt which is a Quiltworx pattern. After the success of the Desert Sky workshop in January this one was going to be a hit too. I didn't sit in on this one but that didn't stop me for listening and still learning more on foundation paper piecing.  I had planned to make this quilt but lunchtime I want to make it using In the the Beginning Garden Delights fabrics. I can see a bordered garden quilt.  As you can see it can become quite messy.

Elizabeth likes us to cut the quilt out in the morning and then we get to sew the afternoon way knowing the quilt blocks are all cut and ready to sew. Now I didn't do any sewing as I only started cutting on lunchtime but that is ok. Everyone else did manage to finish 8 sections to complete 2 blocks. Here they are they will be all different. Tina's quilt will be a favourite of mine and if she hadn't used Tula Pink's Tabby Road I probably would have myself.

I have booked Elizabeth to teach again on the 12th August, so if you are interested let me know as spots will be limited. This is one of the few times I had a bigger classroom.
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Cotton Carnivale 2018 Part 1

A lot of you know I head to Cotton Carnivale each year. I have been busy up in Noosa. There is always plenty of people to catch up with, lots to learn, heaps of new stuff to see and of course lots to eat.

We spend the first morning with Sue Daley working on a new English paper pieced block.

After lunch we had a wonderful afternoon with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Co. 

Plus a couple of great talks. More to come.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Small, Smaller Smallest Blog Hop

It is my day on the Small, Smaller, Smallest blog Hop, hosted by fabulous Carol at Just Let Me Quilt. Here is the schedule for the event so make sure you visit them all as there will be lots of great projects to see.

For this blog hop we needed to made a small  project. So what I decided to do was pick a block I like and see how small I could make it.  My choice was the Ohio Star block.

One of my favourite quilt features this block in two sizes 12" and 6", so my goal was to see how much smaller I could make it. I pulled out the scrap bin and selected some fabric and set out to make a tiny Ohio Star block.

This is how I made it , just in case you fancy having a go.

1. Cut 2 x 2" squares from Contrasting fabrics. (2 squares from each fabric) Draw a diagonal line on the back of the lighter one.  Pair two contrasting squares right sides together.
Sew a 1/4" either side of your drawn line.

 Cut along the drawn line and press to the darker triangle. Trim up.

2.  Draw a diagonal line across your previous stitch line.

Pair two half Square triangle together right sides together, (as the seams were pressed to the dark the seams will nest together.) as you want the dark triangle matched up with a light triangle.  Sew either side of the drawn line and cut along the line Press seams open. Repeat with the other pair. Trim to 1 1/4" squares. Those tiny little star points are so cute.

3. Cut 5 x 1 1/4" background squares, layout your block as picture.

4. Sew into rows, pressing rows 1& 3 outwards and row 2 inwards. Sew the rows together. Press well.

Repeat steps 1-4 and make a second Ohio Star block. Mine ended up at 2 3/4". That is pretty small.

5. Cut 2x 2 3/4" squares, layout the two squares with the two star blocks. Sew into pairs, press to the plain square.

6. Sew the two pairs together to complete your mug rugs top.
7. Make a quilt sandwich and quilt.

8. Cut a 2 1/4" strip fold wrong sides together press. Sew your binding on with your preferred method.

Your mug rug is now completed.
Please visit the other bloggers and have a look at what they have made. The list is at the top of my post.

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

March's Project Uninterrupted

It is Project Uninterrupted in store on Saturday and I had a full house, which is great. There was a mix of the regulars and a few new ladies. They were all doing hand work and the projects were all different. That makes for a very interesting day. It is always good when the shop is busy. The down size I don't get to spend as much time in the classroom. I can't have it both ways can I?  Here are the projects that were being worked on.

What is Project Uninterrupted I hear some of you ask?  It is a community of stitchers working on  finishing projects so we can start new projects. We have two stitching day a month in store the first Saturday and the third Sunday of the month which you need to book a spot. Plus we have the Cynthia's Ark Project Uninterrupted Facebook group which you can join and become a member no matter where you live in the world, so you don't have to live close by to stitch with us. We share our progress on projects, get inspired by other projects, help each other out when we get stuck, participate in our Project Uninterrupted monthly challenges and loads more.

 The Project Uninterrupted monthly challenge involves you posting a project goal at the beginning of the month. I will ask you to post but you don't have to wait for me to ask if you are ready. (It can be finishing a project, completing all your blocks on a project, quilting a project etc). You don't have to set a big goal if you are busy, small goals count. The aim is getting closer to finishing your project. When you complete your goal post a picture telling us that you reached it and I will put your name in the monthly draw for a prize.

My February Challenge was to do the binding on my Framed Up quilt and March's challenge for me is to complete the last nine blocks of my Desert Sky quilt.

  We are loving sharing our project in the group, it is very motivating even though we can't all get together and sew, we still have company somewhere in the world. If I get a few hours at the machine I will pop in to the group and ask what everyone is working on and see who is sewing with me. We love new members.

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