Friday, March 30, 2018

The Anzac Quilt is Developing in to a Quilt

Continuing on from my last post on the Anzac fabrics that had arrived in store, I found myself with a little time at the sewing machines after a couple of hours standing cutting fabrics for kits. I am trying not to spend too long doing one job as I am having trouble with my neck again and now my back.

 I had four blocks made and I set myself to sew up 5 more blocks to make nine in total. It would be easy to make this quilt larger if you want too. Time is what stopped me going further as there is under a week to the Laura Folk Fair and as long as I got this to the quilt top stage I can display it.

After getting the blocks completed I looked at the border, it needed some calculations to get it to work due to the fabric being directional. I only wanted to cut one strip and I didn't want any joins because the border strips would have only of been 2-3 inch short. Once I double check my calculations I cut the side borders first and sewed them on. I took a deep breath and measured the quilt with the borders on and yes my calculation were good with just over a quarter of a inch to spare with the selvedge. I cut the top and bottom borders a little wider because it is such a beautiful poppy print. In a couple of hours I have my Anzac Quilt ready for pinning and quilting. I will see if I have any time to do that over the weekend, with a class on Saturday I will not be able to do it  then, but maybe Sunday or Monday I will find the time. I do need to find some time for pining as I have 4 quilts waiting to be pinned.

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Keep Stitching

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