Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Cynthia's Ark Panel Quilt Competition

Panels make great quick quilts but sometimes you get stuck on how to use a panel. At Cynthia’s Ark we always have a great range of panels for these quick quilts for any occasion.  I often make a panel quilt up to show off how to use a panel but this year I am going challenge you to create a panel quilt from the panel packs I have put together.

Purchase a panel pack of your choice from the Competition range and create a quilt from it. Here are rules you need to follow to participate and yes there will be some prizes to win at the end.

1.       You must use some of each fabric in the pack.

2.       You can add up to 4 more fabrics

3.       You can only use the panel packs included in this competition.

4.        Finished size is up to you but to enter, it has to be completed. Quilt tops will not count.

5.       This competition is open to all skill levels.

6.       Competition starts the 1st April 2021.

7.       All entries have to be submitted by email to Cynthia’s Ark or bring it in to the store to be photographed by the 1st November 2021.For email In the Subject line put CA Panel Competition

8.       You must be an Australian resident to be eligible to enter.

9.       One entry per kit.

10.   Panel packs can be purchased in store or online. They are marked on the website and are on special.

11.   Once you submit your quilt, note I will be sharing pictures of the entries on my social media accounts.

12.   Winners will be selected at random on the 12th November 2021 in store.


1St Price $50 Cynthia’s Ark Gift Voucher

2nd Prise $25 Cynthia’s Ark Gift Voucher

3rd Prize $10 Cynthia’s Ark Gift Voucher

The main aim of this project is to get creative and have some fun.

These are the packs I have put together so far and each kit comes with the competition instructions included. 
Cynthia’s Ark 7 Wasleys  Rd Mallala South Australia 5502                                                                     Website: Email: 

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One Monthly Goal- March's Goal Completed or Not

 This month I set myself the goal to finish the last 6 American Honey blocks. You can find my original post here.

These are not small blocks and they take a bit of time to make with 20 pieces per block. So you have to make the sub blocks first lay out your block before you can sew the block together. Well in the end I didn't make it. I did get 3 of the blocks completed. That is at least half of the blocks done. 

You may see this one pop up in my challenges again soon. These blocks are so beautiful. I can't believe I have not finish them as I love every block when I complete it.

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Panel Time at Cynthia's Ark

I love how easy a panel quilt can come together. They make great quick presents for all sorts of occasions. I have made my share of them over the years.  You can keep them simple or you can go to town on them and create an elaborate creation. Though sometimes a panel can stump you an it takes a bit longer to work out how you can use it.

These two quilts features 2 panels each, the centre panel and then I have cut a second block panel up and added it to the top and bottom of the centre panel with extra borders to create a single bed size  quilt.

This is the current panel quilt that I am quilting. Very effective. It will look like a pieced quilt once I am done. All I have added is the last two borders. The quilting of each section will create\the pieced effect.
Now I know you are wondering why I am sharing these panel quilts. I have a challenge for anyone who wants to join in featuring panels. Come back on the 31st March to find out more.
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Saturday, March 27, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #11

 Sewing time has been lean in the last couple of weeks. Though there has been some quilting time. On Sunday I ran a Rulerwork workshop which means I had my machine set up for demostrating. You know what that means! I had some time do some extra work on my projects.

This one is at the top of my list to finish and yes I got started on it Sunday afternoon,  

Thursday afternoon saw me back quilting a bit more on Sunday's project.  

Friday had me back doing more Rulerwork for a workshop sample and a secret project using Tilda's Gardenlife range which will be released in May 

On Saturday I was back to my Quiltworx Glacier Star quilt completing my centre blocks.

It has been an interesting week of sewing and very nice to have some quiling time.

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Saturday, March 13, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #10

 Here is what I was stitching this week.

Sunday I had a good session at the machine and got through part one of three on this section and started on two.

Monday I was out and about so not a lot of time for stitching but did get the binding sewn on to my lastest project. Now for the hand stitching.

Tuesday I got one block for my American Honey completed only five more to go.

Wednesday was a busy day, no sewing during the day, so after dinner I decided to set the machine  up and get a couple of hours in. I got as far as turning the lights on and putting the machine on the table and the power went out. That stuffed my plan up and the power wasn't due to return to 1 am. No sewing.

Thursday was looking promising the plan was an afternoon of sewing. I did get to the machine for a couple of hours and got all the TPR marked and the vein added to finish off this group of my Coral Reef.

Friday saw me do some secret Tilda sewing. No picture today for you but next week I can start to share what is going on. After the Tilda  sewing I did do some more work on my Glacier Star.

Saturday saw me doing preparing some applique pieces for my Coral Reef quilt.

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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Show your Stripe Blog Hop Winner

 On my day of the Show your Stripe Blog Hop I had a giveaway for a beautiful striped fabric bundle.

                                            This was the bundle of beautiful stripes.

All you had to do was leave me a suggestion on how to finish my quilt. A border or not?

The winner was Kathy S who suggested a red border and let the quilting sing in the border.  I have sent Kathy an email on how to collected her prize.  

Thank you to everyone visited my blog and left me a comment to entered.

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My Stitching Snapshot #9

 This week has seen a lot of secret sewing behind the scenes to reveal this quilt for the Dust Off a Quilt book Blog hop.

I did squeeze in joining these two up so I could see if I had it right. Still some applique to go once I complete the other 7.

Binding in front of the tv featured this week again. A different project but it is still binding.

Saturday night and I a still finishing the binding, though I should finish it in my next session. I better prepare the next one for binding. Yes there is one more to go.
Throw in a guild meeting on Thursday and two days of full Project Uninterrupted sessions in the shop meant no machine time  for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
Sunday may see my luck change. It is a public holiday here on Monday you never know a girl's luck, I may get some sewing time.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Dust off a Quilt Book Blog Hop

When Bea asked about Dust off a Quilt Book Blog Hop this year I couldn't say no. I loved this one last year and was really excited to participated again.  Thanks to Bea for doing this one again. Here is the schedule. We are up to day 3 on this blog hop.


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Quilting at the farm

 Kathleen McMusing

Looking through my quilt books I found this one. It even had the receipt in it from when I purchased it, back in 2013 for $10 in the USA. So really it hasn't been in my collection all that long.

Though it was published in 1999.

Looking through the book I found a few  quilts I would like to make but I knew I had to keep it simply. The harder ones will have to wait.

I found this one, a simply four patch in reproduction fabrics with some wide sashing. My plan was to dig into my reproduction scraps for this one. 

 The instructions in this book are all old school instructions.  No rotary cutting instructions just templates making instructions and lots of square cutting. 
I got stuck in to making the four patch blocks and once I laid the blocks out into rows  so I could audition fabric for the sashing I decided to make the quilt longer than wider.

More four patch blocks to make before sashing the rows together.

Sashing and first border on. I did reduce the sashing width too.
By the time I got to the borders I was running out of time. So I got the last border the night before my day on the blog hop.
Quilting it will have to wait for another time but I am very happy with it.
I did try and be random when I pieced the four patch blocks. I hope you enjoyed stopping by and please check out what everyone else hs done for this blog hop.
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Monday, March 1, 2021

One Monthly Goal -March's Goal

 March is here, February didn't go as I planned but that is life. So onward to a new goal for March. This month I was thinkng to pick a project off my unfinished project list and then had second thoughts on that idea. Is it too big an asking for March?

Then I changed my mind a picked a project on the list that still needed blocks to complete it. My American Honey quilt still needs 6 blocks , though the blocks are large and I could stop right now and still have a large quilt in the end. The only thing stopping me is the fact I have cut the fabric for the last six blocks. I don't like to waste fabric.

Twelve of my fourteen blocks are pictured here. So that is my goal for this month, six more blocks to finish my twenty.

I had linked my post with Elm Street Quilts goal setting post, so pop over and check out what everyone is working on this month.

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