Friday, September 30, 2016


After a crazy week of weather here is South Australia with the whole state being blackouts on Wednesday when a huge storm hit. with winds and rain. We had no power for 15 hours. Then the next evening the next front hit with even stronger winds and more rain.
This has lead to major damage across the state and flooding which has stopped me from getting home as they have closed roads as the rivers break their banks.
This is our normal route we take to and from Adelaide. The Light River broke it banks Friday morning closing our road. My husband took this picture as he did manage to get home before they closed the other road in. The water is a far distance from our town so we are safe. We just can't get in and out.
It is keeping me away from my sewing machine. Not happy. We will see if I can get home today.
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350 Block Project- September Report

This month's total is 30.
I have promised myself more sewing time this month. Some deadlines have been reached and that should leave me a little extra time for sewing.
What has been done.
There has been 30  hourglass blocks made.

The last star point on my Forget Me Not quilt. Then I completed   2  out of the 12 blocks in the next step for 3.

My Victoria Fling blocks have finally turned into a quilt top for a total 10.

Unfortunately no current picture of my Forget Me Not quilt and I have used last month's picture of my hourglass blocks as I haven't been able to get home to do this post. We have had a week of bad weather here in South Australia with no power, rain, gale force winds and storms, so no sewing and now I can't get home due to 2 rivers breaking their banks cutting the roads I need to get home. At least my husband got home.
This month's total is 43.
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Saturday, September 24, 2016

What is new at Cynthia's Ark

Not a lot of sewing has been done this week. Which is a sad thing. I haven't had time to even sit down at the machine and consider doing some sewing.
So what has been going on? Lots of new stock has arrived from a number of sources and there is still more to coming including 2 more fabric shipments and the safety eyes for the dragons in green and blue this time.
Let's start with the threads that have arrived. We have topped up our range of Glide quilting threads including 7 new colours as we expand our range each time we place a new order.

While we are on threads we have released our special Cynthia's Ark Everyday Sewing Collection which features 15 x 1300m 50 wt of our can't live without Aurifil cottons. The Collection has been design to cover all your essential sewing needs, either by machine or by hand. Storage box is included.

On the pattern front we are now stock Wildcraft Farm Quilt Card Collection patterns which contains a beautiful large greeting card with envelope and the pattern to make the project featured on the front of the card. They are the perfect gifts for your sewing friends or you could be cheeky and give the card and keep the pattern for yourself. I won't tell anyone.

Also from Wildcraft Farm coming these beautiful wooden spool for you to store your stranded cottons on. They come in a starter pack of 20 spools.Threads not included.
 There will be some larger spools coming soon. They will be perfect for keeping trims, laces and ready to go binding.
Now for the fabric, there is the Crazy Cats panel and co ordinates for the funky cat lovers.

There is a new Thomas the Tank panel along with a Celestial Seasons panel with a co ordinate.

Lastly on the panels front there is the Dragon Moon panel with co ordinates. It has been a while since we have had new Japanese fabrics so they will be popular.

From Penny Rose Fabrics we have received 6 bolts from Jefferson City range.

Don't forget we did receive Woodland Wonder just before all this which is this year's Christmas range for the shop. I do have a little pattern planned for this range.

All products featured in this post are available in store or at
Now it is time to cut fabric to top up the craft fair boxes in time for the Festival of Quilts that is on at Morphettville Racecourse, Adelaide, South Australia.

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