Friday, April 21, 2017

Under the Pressure Foot #29

A little bit of pressure can be helpful to get a job done in time. A deadline for projects and jobs can be very helpful for me. Sometimes I have it in my head I have plenty of time the deadline is two months away and so on. Then 2 weeks before the deadline I hit panic mode because I am not close enough to finishing.
I have a couple of projects with deadlines. Not that it seems to be helping me at the moment.
The first one is my version of the Gypsy Wife BOM. I set myself a deadline of May Project Uninterrupted session. I don't think I will make it.  You can still sign up for my Gypsy Wife Block of the Block on my website.  Just remember if you are overseas the postage will be more depending where you are in the world.  So far one block has been made.

The second one is my Scrappy Flower block for a Row Along in a group I am part of on Facebook. I will be sharing my blocks here on my blog next week so you will be able to get my pattern, you just won't be able to collect the other blocks. My block will make a lovely scrappy row and help you use up some of your scraps. I can see me making a quilt using my blocks so if you see me making more of these blocks in the near future you know what I am up to. This is the test block I have made a little adjustment to the pattern thanks to my block tester Lynne.

Also I had someone ask me had I received my signature blocks yet?  Not yet but they are on their way they have a long trip to get to me. So you will have to wait a little longer for that post.
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Sunday, April 16, 2017

April's One Monthly Goal Finish

After March's failure to finish, April has seen that project completed with time to spare.

I can't believe I did it this month as it has been just as busy as March and it is not looking like it will ease up soon.

One Handmade- Lucky quilt finished.

This will give me time to consider next month goal's and organise myself for May.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New workshops have been added

I have been busy adding new workshops to our calendar. You can check it anytime here on the blog under the Event/Workshop tab. I will do a post like this when I add new events and workshops to that page. So if you haven't looked in awhile you will still be alerted that something new has been added. There is still a couple of place open in our Sands of Time Hourglass workshop on the 13th May. The class sample has just come back from being quilted by Valerie of the House of Valerie. The plans is to bind it and take to the Laura Folk Fair but time is short one week left. Lots of other preparation still to be done.

There is 3 new workshops added to the calendar this week.

On the 29th of June I will be running the How to make Wool Felt Workshop. There is a choice of two projects to make, a scarf and a pin cushion. Both are easy project.

On the 8th of July we have the Piping and Zipper Cushion Workshop. This is a technique workshop for you to learn how to make piping and insert a zip while you make your cushion or two.

On the 12th August there is the Stars! The English Paper Pieced Way Workshop. Learn how to English Paper Piece a star and turn it into a simple cushion or wall hanging.

You can find all the details for these up coming workshops on our Event and Workshop page. If you have a workshop suggestions let me know what you would like to learn, that way we can tailor the workshops around what you would like to learn.

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Flower Power

I have been working on a scrappy block for a row along in a facebook group I am in. Time is running out so I needed to get on it.  There is two sizes a 6" block and a 12" block and you know me I just can't help myself and decided to do both. Though they are almost the same block but the 12" has a little more in it, rather than just making the 6" block bigger.
This is what they look like.

I will share the tutorial for these blocks here on the blog so if you want to make a dent in your scraps you are welcome to use it. I think it would make a great quilt using just these blocks. Maybe I will do just that and make some more room in my batik scrap box, which I am sure I will quickly fill up.

I am linking up with She can quilt  Scraptastic Tuesday post so pop over and have a look at what everyone has been working on.
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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Time is Precious. I need some Sewing Time.

Time! I need more of it. There isn't enough time in my day to fit any sewing in. I was hoping April was going to see an improvement in sewing time but so far this month 1 dresden plate block has been made while I was demonstrating at the Laura Folk Fair.

I haven't sewn it on to the background fabric yet.

In fairness to me I did finish the binding on my Sands of Time quilt too. There is a couple spots left in this workshop on the 13th May if you are interested.

Now I need to pencil in some serious sewing time or else I will be in a deep hole I can't climb out off. There is a couple of deadlines I need to meet. I need to sew up the sample for our next Block of the Month The Gypsy Wife and I need to finish my row for a Facebook group scrap row along I joined in on. Test blocks have been made, but the pattern needs to be written and I need to make a row of blocks too.

 A little sneak peek. Don't tell anyone.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Laura Folk Fair 2017

We spent the weekend in Laura for their annual Folk Fair. This is one of regular event and we will continue that way. We were trying to work out how many years we have done this event and at this time the total evades us. We are thinking 15 years, so quite a long time.
We had a great weekend. The weather was  clear and warm with a breeze, so it was a little cool in the shade but in the sun it was toasty.
Some of the stall snapshots taken over the 2 days. You can alway find some great fair specials on our stall. Only available during the event we are attending.

We had the Sands of Time Workshop sample hang up, even  if the binding wasn't quite finished. It attracted a lot of attention including a few people  wanting to buy it. Valerie from the House of Valerie did a great job quilting it for me. I just love her work so if you need a quilt quilted I highly recommend her work. Just visit the shop to see her work hanging around the walls.

I even had a little time to do some English paper piecing demonstrations used the 4" pointed dresden template and papers and some fabric from Faye Burgos Collectors' Gallery ranges for Marcus Fabrics. I must admit she is one of my favourite fabric designers.

Here is the fabric I used.

This is what I ended up with. One dresden plate completed.  I think there may be another 2 blocks to be made and a beautiful table runner at the end of it.

If you ever get the chance to visit Laura the first weekend of April is the perfect time to visit when the Laura
Folk Fair is on.

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One Monthly Goal April

Now this project was last month Goal that I didn't reach. Considering that I selected a project that was nearly finished and I still didn't get it completed show how busy March was for me.

So once again here is the quilt for the Handmade-Lucky Sew Along all nicely quilted with the binding on.

All I have to do is the final hand stitching of the binding and it will be completed.

Let's hope I can do it and move on down my unfinished project list.

Check out what others have selected for their monthly goal. I am sure there will be some great projects there.

Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching

2017 Finish Along Q2

Well what can I say!  The First quarter was a total wipe out. Nothing got finished. So the list is not in a good way, especially with me thinking about starting new project.

So we will start with this one. It is the one I thought would have been easily finished but no it is still here. It is closer to been finished than a the start of the year. So fingers crossed it gets completed this time. I did sew the binding on. It just needs the hand stitching to be completed.

2. My Sands of Time Hourglass quilt. This one I picked up from being quilted last week so it is ready for the binding to be made.

3. Turning these 3 blocks into table runner I think.

That is all I am willing to add to my list this quarter.
Check out what others have chosen to work on this quarter. I bet there will be plenty of interesting projects to see over on She can Quilt

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