Tuesday, August 24, 2021

New Website and Blog

 I have been busy working behind the scenes. There is a new website happening and I am putting everything on the website including the blog. You will still be able to access my Blogger blog for information but all the new blog post will be on the website. You can find it here.

I only hoping anything in the one place will make it easier to find everything, So pop over and check out the new look and tell me what you think. You will find the shop, the blog, Class/workshop program, and there will be a helpful tips section coming soon. Just a few other things I need to learn to get that sorted.

It has been a big learning curve and there is still more to go.
Until Next Time over at the new blog
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Thursday, August 5, 2021

One Monthly Goal- August Goal

 August is here and it's time to set a new goal for August. I am struggling with the work load and I am hope setting myself a goal to get me back on track. There is a lot of work to do and with me hosting our Anything Goes retreat  at Burra next week, sewing time will be precious time at the machine. So what I am going to do is set myself a goal that doesn't require a machine. I have 3 quilts that need binding only to complete them, so that is my goal.

There is this scrappy one, which will be a workshop.
This is one of the 3 yard Quilts. Another workshop sample.

Then there is my Paradise in Bloom quilt.
A cheeky black cat that wasn't willing to move to let me take a picture of it quilted. Though I don't have the space in the shop to open it up completely.

I have linked my post with Elm Street Quilts goal setting post here. So pop over and check out what everyone is working on.
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My Stitching Snapshot #13

 I am still struggled to stay on top of things. Though it's seem the world is struggling, so I am not alone in this daily struggle of life. I have had some blissful moments at the machine, though nowhere near long enough. I had big hopes of get my Glacier Star quilt to top stage before the end of July. It did not happen, bur the centre is all together. That counts for something, There was progress, but not quite enough of it.

I had to lay out what I had completed to work out what needed to be done next and make sure I had stuffed anything.
Busy at the machine.

The centre is completed, which is fantastic. There is still plenty of work to go.
I will keep working on it, at least it is all cut. I just need some more sewing time. Simple as that.
Until Next Time
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Friday, July 9, 2021

It's quiet around here

 It has been a little while since I have posted here. So you may think not a lot is happening. In reality it is the opposite, so much is happening that I haven't had time to write any post. Something had to be dropped while other stuff needed to be done. I wish I could keep up with everything, but it is just not possible. 

The biggest project happening at the moment is the upgrade to the website. A whole new look, new features, easy to use for all I hope and a lot more features for the future. Basically it will be a new home for Cynthia's Ark.

Plus there should be room for us to grow with the new site. Another big learning curve for me.

Along with that going on in the background we are have Christmas in July through the whole month with some in store specials and workshop program. Sorry to my online followers with the website out of action theses specials are in store only, but I am happy to take phone orders within Australia. If you see something over the month and can't get to the shop, don't hesitate to call me and place an order. The big special for July is all Christmas fabric is 20% off including the new arrivals. This special runs for the whole month of July.

On top of the fabric special each week we will have another special running to tempt you even more to visit the shop in person. This week we have a favourite of mine. I love running it and I probably should run it more often. It is the Panel Special.  Buy 3 panels for the price of 2. Select 3 panels and the cheapest panel is free.   We have a good variety of panels. As you can see the panel section is full and I still have more to hang that have arrived recently. Our variety of Australian themed panels have  double recently with map panels,  more animals and landscape views being added to current panel stock.

Don't forget our panel competition too. That is running until November. Purchase one of the specially marked panel pack, make a quilt following the rules and submit your finished project by November to go into the draw to win a Cynthia's Ark gift voucher. There is 3 vouchers to winner.

 Until Next Time
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Thursday, July 1, 2021

One Monthly Goal - June's Report

Here we are at the end of the month. Where did June go?  I set myself to the task of finishing this quilt. See my original post here,

It seem not a lot was done in June but I can say I did complete this quilt.

 I am not sure how or when I did it but it is completed and hanging up in the shop. It is a shame the panels and half of the fabric from this range has already sold out. I am too slow sometimes, too slow. Then again the customers have seen me working on this project over the last 12 months has inspired them to get in early and purchased what they need to create their own version.

Until Next Time

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Sunday, June 13, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #12

 Wow I have to look back to the end of March to find the last one I did. I have missed two month some how. It has been busy around here and there hasn't been as much sewing happening as there should have been.

Anyway it is time to get back on track. This week has seen me did a little of sewing.

i did a little more on this section of my Coral Reef.

Another sample coming along for our Christmas in July workshops

 I spent another evening on finishing the binding on this quilt.

On Saturday I put the binding on this one along with some secret sewing.

I wonder what I will be stitching next week.

Until Next Time

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

One Monthly Goal - June's Goal


Here we are in June already. Time to pick this months goal. 

I really want to complete a project on my UFO list but don't have a lot of time this month. I had a quick look at my list and there is a panel quilt on it that was at quilting stage. I have done the quilting, so it only needs binding to complete it. That is it for this month.

The binding is the same as the first border. I should be able to make a label and bind it during June.

I have linked my post up with Elm Street Quilt Goal setting post, so pop over and check out what everyone is up to this month.

Until Next Time

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350 Block Report- May's Report

Here we are at the end of May already. With another 31 blocks to complete for May.
This is what I have been up to during May.
I made this quilt for a total of 20. It is one of the 3 yard quilts
8 more for my Coral Reef quilt.

4 test blocks for an upcoming workshop
Two lots of 8 for my Glacier Star quilt for a total 16.
Two borders to complete to this quilt top, so it can be quilting.
We had a Jelly Roll race day in the shop, so I had to sew up a test version. A total of 5 for this one.
16 house blocks for a swap I am in. Sorry no photo as I forgot.

This month's total is 71.
This years total is 350.
Until Next Time
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Sunday, May 30, 2021

One Monthly Goal - May's Goal Completed

 This month I had a two part goal to complete. You can see my goal setting here

Part one of this month's challenge was to sew three sections together to form a diamond. This was the easy part of the goal, so this was easily achieved.

My completed diamonds and laid out as the centre of my quilt.

Part two of this month's goal was to piece the next section of my Glacier Star. This part was more time consuming but I got there just in time. These sections will fit over the top of the diamonds.

I am very pleased how they came out. I am looking forward to the next section, which I managed to cut ready to sew.

I have linked my post with Elm Street Quilts post, so pop over and check out how everyone did this month.

Until Next Time

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Friday, May 7, 2021

Missed it by that much

It's been a while since I had some sewing time. It has been busy with the Sewing Stitching & Handicraft Show, teaching and running the shop. 
So today I got a little session in with the ladies  for Friday Project Uninterrupted.  I have finished hand stitching the binding down on my 3 yard quilt and some new hand stitching will be needed. So I thought I would stitch on the binding on the one I finished quilting in April.
Now I have done this step many times over the years, so sometimes I get lazy and guess how many strips I need to bind a project. Today was one of those days and I missed it by this much.
As you can see it looks like I cut a bit off, which is exactly what I did. I cut a piece off for the label, as I  couldn't find a piece in the scrap box suitable.
So in the end I had to cut another strip to make up the shortfall to complete it. 
So now I have some more hand stitching for the evenings. Then I will be able to cross another project off my list.
Until Next Time
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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

One Monthly Goal- May's Goal

 Things are crazy here and I want time to work on my unfinished projects but it is not working out for me. So I am set myself a goal that hopefully will be achievable in the sense I need to do it before the next workshop to stay ahead of my students. So far this year I have been doing ok with this one, so I am planning to keep it that way. 

So that plan for May is to join these sections together. 

That is an easy task I hear your say and yes it is, only 16 seams to sew. That is only part 1 of my plan. I also want to complete the next section which has two section in it.  It is the spikes that run along the joined sections.

So there is a bit of work in this month's goal. Though it was tempting to only set the first part for the month. That would have been really cheeky of me.

I have linked my post with Elm Street Quilts goal setting post, so pop over and check out what everyone is working on this month.

Until Next Time

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Sunday, May 2, 2021

350 Block Report 2021- April's Report


This month's total is 30 blocks.

I started with 8 Diamond blocks for Glacier Star.

I created the wall hanging for our local RSL for Anzac Day. A total of 4.

19 house blocks for a group swap.

This month's total is 31.

This year's total is 279.

Until Next Time

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One Monthly Goal- April's Goal Completed

 April was a blur. It started off busy and continued through the month, leaving me short on time to do much myself. I set myself  to finish quilting this quilt. You can see my goal setting post here.  It is two days in to the new month and I am only posted it now.


Now the month is coming to a close I can tell you I have finished the quilting all the way to the outside borders. I didn't get to binding it, but that is ok as I didn't think I would get there. The main aim was to finish quilting it, That job was done.

Some pictures of the back to show you the quilting in more details.

Until Next Time

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Saturday, April 3, 2021

3 Yard Quilt Books

 I have some new books in stock, they are from Donna Robertson of Fabric Cafe and they are part of an ongoing series of books featuring 3 yards of fabric. That makes a lap quilt and one of the cool things about these books is she includes have to make these quilts in to larger quilts.

Since I have the books I had to make a stack of bundles to go with them.

There is eight patterns in each book  and most pattern can be achieved in a day to quilt top level. They are also easily adjusted to larger versions. 

Until Next Time

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

One Monthly Goal- April's Goal

Now some would say March was a bust by not completing my goal. I am taking a different view on that, with the fact I did complete half of the blocks I set myself. Progress counts, and the job is now half the size it was at the beginning of March. That other half can wait for another time, though I may slip them in if time permits.
This month I think I want to do some quilting, after running a rulerwork workshop in March I want to do some more. I have this quilt to be quilted. I did start the quilting a couple of weeks ago but the aim is to finish the quilting. Binding would be a bonus but not likely with my load for April.

 I have linked my post to Elm Street Quilts goal setting post, so pop over and check out what everyone is working on.

Until Next Time

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