Wednesday, May 5, 2021

One Monthly Goal- May's Goal

 Things are crazy here and I want time to work on my unfinished projects but it is not working out for me. So I am set myself a goal that hopefully will be achievable in the sense I need to do it before the next workshop to stay ahead of my students. So far this year I have been doing ok with this one, so I am planning to keep it that way. 

So that plan for May is to join these sections together. 

That is an easy task I hear your say and yes it is, only 16 seams to sew. That is only part 1 of my plan. I also want to complete the next section which has two section in it.  It is the spikes that run along the joined sections.

So there is a bit of work in this month's goal. Though it was tempting to only set the first part for the month. That would have been really cheeky of me.

I have linked my post with Elm Street Quilts goal setting post, so pop over and check out what everyone is working on this month.

Until Next Time

Keep Stitching


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