Monday, August 31, 2020

350 Block Report- August's Report


We have 31 blocks for August to complete.

4 corner block for my Baby Bella. Sorry no picture.

6 American Honey Blocks

3 Pineapple blocks from an upcoming workshop.

4 sections joined together  and borders for my Paradise in Bloom quilt. 

Poinsettia section 10 blocks. No picture why I don't know.

This month's total is 27.  Really is that all I did in August?

This year's total is 350.   

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Sunday, August 30, 2020

One Monthly Goal - August's Report

 We have come to the end of August I set myself one goal here and in our Project Uninterrupted group. See my original post here

Combining the two meant I only had one set of goals to finish and hopefully making it an easier month on myself. Even at the last Friday of the month I was pushing it. Friday was going to be the day I still needed 3 more blocks to complete my goal. With a busy weekend teaching, the chances of finishing was going to be slim.  By Friday night I did get 2 more made, so I am up to five.

Sunday night saw me complete the sixth block just in the nick of time.

 I linked my finishing post with Elm Street Quilts post, so pop over and see how everyone did this month.

This is all my blocks so far for this quilt except for the one I just finished.

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Pushing on! I'm nearly there,

 We had our last Paradise in Bloom workshop on Sunday. We are at the stage where our quilts are coming together.

My parts laid out ready to start the assembly part. This is the exciting part of our Quiltworx Technique of the month series.
This is where I got to by the end of our workshop date. This put me about half way through piecing the top. It's a real tease to see the top completed.

Two halves ready to be joined together. Nothing is going to stop me.
You have to love it when your seams match up this nicely.
There we go. The top is together. Well the piecing is done, there is a little bit of applique let to do on another day. Not enough hours in my day to start the applique today. I am happy to be at this stage after the work I have had to do this weekend.
I will take a better picture once I do the applique.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Under the Pressure Foot 2020 #2

As everyone knows things haven't gone to plan this year. I had things lined up that were going to happen this year and some of them won't happen until 2021 now. Unfortunately. Though there is still action around here, it is just different. Workshops and events planned  for the first half of the year will make the calendar  this year, while workshops planned for the second half of the year will clearly being left for next year. 

 This is one of the workshops that had been scheduled in April that hasn't happened but I do have a new date for it,  Rick Rack will now be held on the 27th September. I have updated the workshop list, so don't forget to visit it here to see what is one.

Pschyedelia which is a new block of the month has been postponed too from it original start date but I now can says it is started at the end of August so there is still time to join in. Contact the shop or visit my website to sign up. You can do this one two way- with the fabric  you see in our sample blocks or you can order it without fabric and use your stash. I have seen some blocks make up in reproduction fabric, which look stunning.

Here are some of the blocks done in the fabrics in our kit. This is an advance block of the month for hand piecing or machine piecing. Our blocks have been machine pieced.

Bee Mindful another Block of the month that has been effected by what has happened around the world. We were suppose to start this one in June but the fabric has been stuck in Indonesia, I am hoping we can start this one late September or early October. I think at the time I write this post I am full for this one, but you can contact me and I will put you on a waiting list, so if a spot becames available I will let you know.

Hopefully things are settling down and we can move forward on a lot of planned stuff, but doing it safely. In the meantime we have been doing lots of stuff in our Project Uninterrupted Facebook group to keep in contact and keep working on our sewing projects. We have been done monthly challenges since April with some prizes for completing the challenges at the end of the month. Complete the challenge and you name goes in to a draw at the end of the month. You can join our Facebook group through my Facebook page or directly here.

Until Next time

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Friday, August 7, 2020

One Monthly Goal- August's Goal

 What to set myself to complete in August? There is so many projects I need to work on, some with fast approaching deadline. I have decided to double up on a goal set in our Project Uninterrupted Facebook group. I had the group select four projects that they wanted to make some progress on this year and on the 1st August I selected a number and everyone who has posted their list is going to work on that number project for August. Hopefully we will see some progress. I pulled no 2 out of the hat.
That means I have to complete 6 more blocks for my American Honey Quilt. I have made 6 already, so this will double my blocks.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching