Tuesday, December 31, 2019

350 Block Project Report- December's Report

This month's total is 26.

16 diamond blocks for my Prismatic Star Quilt plus 8 to join it together for a total of 24.

4 little ringlet blocks plus 4 for sewing the blocks together. Plus 6 flower blocks and 1 border for 15.

Plus 4 blocks of this one.
And 2 pinwheel blocks for a new project. There will be a lot more of these to come in the new year.
Lastly 3 blocks from the Annual Project Quilting Mystery Quilt Along.
Here is 2 of the 3 blocks.

This month's total is 48.
The year's total is 516. I think that is correct.

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Monday, December 30, 2019

Project Quilting Mystery Quilt Along Part 1

I have joined in on this quick fire Quilt Along hosted by Kim at Persimon Dreams.
It lasts only 1 week and you end up with a mini quilt from this mystery.
Clue 1 & 2 have been released and if you are interested in a small project pop over to Persimon Dreams and join in. It's not hard, the hardest part was finding some pieces large enough.
My blocks so far, I am digging into the scrap box for fabrics. The results could be interesting.
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Saturday, December 28, 2019

One Monthly Goal- December Report in

I was looking at finishing this little project this month. Read about it here.

A few more blocks and assemble was on the table for it. I am pleased to announce I finished it completely. Very happy for this one to disappear off my long term list.

I have shared my post with Elm Street Quilts, so pop over and check out how well others did this month. Now to decide what I will be working on in January
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Friday, December 20, 2019

Planning Party 2020

It's that time of the year where we wonder what happened to 2019. Hopefully we did achieve more than we realise. I know I have come up short. My UFO pile doesn't seem to be getting shorter, but has it grown longer will be the question. My other downfall is I do put too much on my list to do. I am not being realistic on what I can achieve with my time. I do have a part time job (most of the time but not at this time of the year more like full time) plus I run my quilt shop Cynthia's Ark (shop front and online store) too.
Here you go, a selfie of me in the shop in case you are wondering who I am.
  I think my problem is that I like to start project. I get inspirated with something new and the next minute I am walking down a different project path and another new project is add to my list.
I ran a Fractured Paintbox workshop recently and a student mistake has sparks a design element for a quilt project I have to make in 2020.   At least it is a project I am already making and not a totally new one. Some days I think I am a lost cause. Lol!  But I love it.
 This is my Fractured Paintbox workshop sample ready for quilting. So the new one will be very different if it works out how I think it will.

So what is instore for 2020 here in my crazy little world!  The biggest thing on my agenda is the Quiltworx projects I need to complete as I work towards becoming a Quiltworx Certified shop. I have a deadline and a plan of 1 project a monthInstr gives me 1 month extra up my sleeve in case of an emergency and I lose my way. Which is possible, remember I am easily distracted.

I have plans in the pipeline for hosting 2 retreats in 2020, our annual Project Uninterrupted UFO one in September and a new one where I will be teaching a project. So that will be interesting and exciting.

More days in the shop is also on the cards. I have planned some time off in January with a trip away. January is a quiet time here as it tends to be too hot to do much, then again February can go the same way. Though by February most people are back at work and school is back, so life tends to settle down to our normal routines.

Three new Block of the months will be happening here too. All a little different hopefully to inspire and you will want to give one a go.  One is about to ready for sign ups, and starting early in 2020 and the another two won't be starting until the middle of the year.

I have linked my post with Quilting Jetgirl post, so pop over and check out what everyone is planning for 2020. Join in if you like. It is looking like 2020 will be a blast.

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Pop in for a visit at Cynthia's Ark

Would you like to see inside Cynthia's Ark? I know lots of you are too far away to pop in and visit in person so I thought I would share some snapshots of the shop today.  Today in store is our Project Uninterrupted group (our Sit and Sew group) for those that are new here. They happen three times a month here.

I even slipped in a picture with me in it for you. Normally you would find me behind the camera.
A couple of shots of the classroom.

I had a go at a video but it was too big to share here on the blog but I did post it on my Facebook page if you want to have a more detailed look in the shop.
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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Oldest UFO in my UFO Stash

While reviewing 2019 I got to wondering what project has been hanging around the longest. Should that project be the focus of 2020, no work on any other UFO until that one is complete. Serious thinking I know, but am I up for the task.
Before I start making these claims about what I am going to do, I think I better find out the answer to this question first.
What is the project that has been lanugishing in my UFO box the longest and is there a reason for it to still be hanging around.

What did I find? Four projects from 2016 still hanging around. I couldn't find anything older but is there something older hanging around and not on my list. Who know?
In order from closest to finishing to nowhere near finishing.



So on my list I have 4 project to work on. All at different stages, two have the blocks completed. One has the sashing strips cut ready for measuring , cutting and sewing together. One looks like it needs a few more blocks made before sewing them together and lastly there Pemberley, it is a block of the month I barely started.

Logic would have me start with the one closest to being finished. Right? Well that's my logic.
I partipate in the One Monthly Goal hosted by Elm Street Quilts, so my idea is to use that to help me work on getting these projects crossed off my list. Now I know Pemberley may still be on the list at the end of 2020 but I am hoping that some progress may have happened and the other 3 are gone.
So with that said I and going to start with my dresden plate blocks and turn them into a finished quilt.

Now I have to do something with them, now they are out of their box. I must not put them back.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Frolic Mystery Part 1

Yes here I am about to start a new project I can't help myself. Bonnie has selected colours I really like and when I have customers pop in to the shop to top up their fabrics for the mystery. The chatter and excitment of what will be in the first clue is infectious.
Now I was going to use my batik scrap box for fabric but discovered there wasn't a lot of any of the colours I needed. So what does a girl do?H the quilt shop and buy metrage. Now being the owner of the quilt shop helps.

Clue 1 was the classic four patch.
I don't want to make a full size quilt at this stage, so I am only going to make about half the blocks.
Clue 2 featured the raspberry again but with the neutral this time. I wonder what will become of these blocks.

Until Next Time
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Friday, December 6, 2019

Prismatic Star Update

Today I had the pleasure to do some sewing. I have had limited time to sew and it has been playing on my mind. I have a big load of projects to sew over the next year and I don't want to get behind at this early stages.
I was using this little machine today. I don't use her very often, so she needed a run and working on my Prismatic Star quilt doing Foundation paper piecing is straight forward.
 It's like I step back to the 1970's with this machine but she runs a treat.
 My sewing space for today in the shop's classroom. It reminds me that we must fix the storeroom up so I can have a corner for a permanent sewing area. I have 12 more diamonds to make to complete the outer ring of diamonds in my star.

I managed to get the first stage completed, so I am ready to trim and cut ready for Sunday's sewing session.
My thinking was to get to this stage at least. Tomorrow I will trim and cut the strip sets for Sunday. A step completed each day, and if I get more done even better.
These diamonds, once I finish them will surround the centre ring of diamonds below.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Virtual Cookie Exchange 2019

Welcome to my day on the Virtual Cookie Exchange. Thanks to Carol for organising us in to a well oiled cookie machine pumpimg out cookie recipes for everyone to test and enjoy over the holiday break.
Here is the full list because I know you will want to collect every recipe.

This year my recipe is one that was shared at our annual Project Uninterrupted retreat in September. Beth made these wonderful treats to share with all of us and as soon as I tasted them I knew I was going to have to share the recipe here with all of you. A nice easy recipe that you can whip up at short notice and impress everyone with.

Coconut Biscuits
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 cup of self raising flour
1 cup of castor sugar ( it is a fine white sugar that dissolved quicker for baking)
125  grams butter melted
1 egg
Mix all the ingredients together. Roll  teaspoons of mixtures in balls and put on baking tray. Flatten slightly.

 These will spread so give them extra room on the trays.
 Bake at 160 degrees C for 10-12 minutes so they are slightly golden. Let them cool on the trays as they are still soft when hot. Makes approx. 20 biscuits.
I hope you enjoy these one, I know we are.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Sunday, December 1, 2019

350 Block Report - November

This month we have 35 blocks.

8 diamond blocks in my Prismatic Star Quilt

10 rulerwork blocks that didn't photograph well enough for my blog.

This month's total is 18 blocks.
Though the block count is low this month, two of my larger quilts started this year have had the binding completed this month.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

One Monthly Goal- December's Goal

Last month of the year already 2019 is nearly done and I am sure lots of us are looking back at our projects this year completed or still on the UFO pile. I have plenty still on the UFO pile, some have disappeared but other are starting to haunt me. Will they ever get off my list? lol

So you probably know where I am going with this!  Yes that's right I am going to select one of those long standing UFO project to get at least 1 project to the next stage. I have this one started maybe 4 years ago.

I have made 6 of the 12 blocks and started on two more. I am thinking with a busy month ahead and me and this being a small project I may stand a chance of getting it to the top stage.

So if I can get this one to top stage I will be happy.
I have linked my post with Elm Street Quilts post, pop over and check out what everyone is working on.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

One Monthly Goal- November's Report in

This month's goal was to finish the binding on two of my quilts. See my original post here.

Here is my Vintage Rose quilt completed. It is a Quiltworx Technique of the month pattern. I don't believe I started this quilt on the 3rd February and completed it on the 16th November. It's probably the only quilt that I will remember there start day and finishing dates, but we will see.
The second finish was the binding on my Diamond Dance quilt. It is a Missouri Star Quilt Co pattern. It was fun to make.
I am glad to get both of them completed. Does that mean I can start something new? My husband would say no but will I listen to him, probably not if something takes my fancy. In the meantime I will try to finish something else before the end of the year.
I have linked my post with Elm Street Quilts post, so pop over to check out how everyone went.
Until Next Time
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Friday, November 15, 2019

New Fabric New Project

Two orders of fabric arrived this week. One on Thursday, the second one on Friday. Sometimes I have plans for it, like the large shipment of batik fabrics that arrived a couple of weeks ago are for our Quiltworx Technique of the Month series next year. The ladies who sign up will have first choice from that shipment and what is left will reach the shop shelves.
It was the second order that had me excited, as it was a new supplier. This was the first order to test the product and see what my customers thought. The fabric is Melba by Leesa Chandler. I must admit the fabric wowed me as soon as I unwrapped it. I could see Triangle Frenzy table runners with the border prints, the fussy cutting potential will them all in quilts and EPP projects, the mind was off racing.

Now when the brain does that, I sometimes get so lost in the ideas I don't do anything with the range for a shop sample. Though I can't do something for every range that comes in my door. Wish I could but I have to be realistic. Right! But this parcel came with a little pattern for a table runner, which I did not except. What a blessing. A big thank you to The Textile Pantry for their extra support. It benefit both of our businesses when you think about it.  So by the close of business on Friday I had the table runner made up ready for me to quilt it and finish it off.

I must say mine is slightly different than the one in the pattern picture. Why you ask? It was so I didn't waste 5" of fabric to get the right alignment. That way I have more to sell, that is my way of thinking and I am sticking to it.
Now I just have to decide what colour Glide thread I want to use to finish it off on Saturday afternoon. Which one would you select?

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

My Day on the Stitch it and Gift it blog hop

Welcome to the Stitch it and Gift it blog hop. Firstly I need to thank Carla for host us again. I hope you have been following all week. There has been lots of great posts so far and we are going to continue on our gift giving way with today's crew
Thursday, November 14th

Now if you have missed the previous days here is the full list for you to visit once you are done here.

Every year I like to make some handmade gifts. Now sometimes I sew something small like pin cushions, handmade cards or I create something in the kitchen, like biscuits, cakes, chocolates etc.
This year I wanted to make some of these reverse applique wall hanging/table runners.

They are made with two layers of fabric with fusible between the fabric layers, right side up with batting and backing fabric, so you have a quilt sandwich. I use 505 basting spray when I baste small projects. Once the sandwich is ready -
Have you ever wonder how food terms are also quilting terms, quilt sandwiches, jelly rolls, layer cakes,etc?
Sorry I am just wondering!
Anyway back on track at this point I used the Westalee Designs Feathered Leaf template for the Black and White pair and the multi colored one  above and I used the Feathers template set for the purple one. Then you quilt the design you want. The possibility are endless with all the rulers available. Once you have finished Stitching the design you use a sharp pair of scissors and cut out the top fabric sections you want to cut out, very carefully so you don't cut through the second layer. See the picture below on the right that has half the leaves cut out.
At this stage you press as per your fusible instructions to help seal your raw cut edges. Then bind your project and hanging sleeve if desired.

These make great gifts, imagine how it would turn out in Christmas fabrics. If I find some free time I may stitch one up in Christmas fabric.
A close up of the purple feather wall hanging.

These are going to some of my family as their Christmas presents.
Now make sure you pop over and visit my blogging friends to see what they have been up to.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching
PS I do run workshops on this technique in the shop regularly, so if you are in South Australia and are interested please contact me for more details.