Friday, December 6, 2019

Prismatic Star Update

Today I had the pleasure to do some sewing. I have had limited time to sew and it has been playing on my mind. I have a big load of projects to sew over the next year and I don't want to get behind at this early stages.
I was using this little machine today. I don't use her very often, so she needed a run and working on my Prismatic Star quilt doing Foundation paper piecing is straight forward.
 It's like I step back to the 1970's with this machine but she runs a treat.
 My sewing space for today in the shop's classroom. It reminds me that we must fix the storeroom up so I can have a corner for a permanent sewing area. I have 12 more diamonds to make to complete the outer ring of diamonds in my star.

I managed to get the first stage completed, so I am ready to trim and cut ready for Sunday's sewing session.
My thinking was to get to this stage at least. Tomorrow I will trim and cut the strip sets for Sunday. A step completed each day, and if I get more done even better.
These diamonds, once I finish them will surround the centre ring of diamonds below.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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