Thursday, December 12, 2019

Oldest UFO in my UFO Stash

While reviewing 2019 I got to wondering what project has been hanging around the longest. Should that project be the focus of 2020, no work on any other UFO until that one is complete. Serious thinking I know, but am I up for the task.
Before I start making these claims about what I am going to do, I think I better find out the answer to this question first.
What is the project that has been lanugishing in my UFO box the longest and is there a reason for it to still be hanging around.

What did I find? Four projects from 2016 still hanging around. I couldn't find anything older but is there something older hanging around and not on my list. Who know?
In order from closest to finishing to nowhere near finishing.



So on my list I have 4 project to work on. All at different stages, two have the blocks completed. One has the sashing strips cut ready for measuring , cutting and sewing together. One looks like it needs a few more blocks made before sewing them together and lastly there Pemberley, it is a block of the month I barely started.

Logic would have me start with the one closest to being finished. Right? Well that's my logic.
I partipate in the One Monthly Goal hosted by Elm Street Quilts, so my idea is to use that to help me work on getting these projects crossed off my list. Now I know Pemberley may still be on the list at the end of 2020 but I am hoping that some progress may have happened and the other 3 are gone.
So with that said I and going to start with my dresden plate blocks and turn them into a finished quilt.

Now I have to do something with them, now they are out of their box. I must not put them back.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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Marjorie said...

Well done you on pulling them out. I was so happy getting my friends quilt finished ,so now my aim is to start on my other projects and reduce the number of UFO's I have