Sunday, February 28, 2021

One Monthly Goal -February Completed?

 I had two quilts to bind this month. Here is my original post with all the details. That is all I set myself for February. A task that really should have been achieved. In theory it should have been completed but in my world things always go a bit haywire, things don't go to plan, something else gets in the way and so on.

In the end I got just over halfway through February goal. One quilt was totally completed.

The other quilt got the binding attached to the quilt but I have only just started the final step to finish the binding off. It shouldn't take me too long to finish it off now that I am at this stage.

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Saturday, February 27, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #8

 This week hasn't seen as much sewing as I want but there was some progress.  hough my weeks never have as much sewing as I want.  Sunday had me doing some Quiltworx homework. Another section nearly completed, which I did complete on Monday.

A little bit of binding on Monday after completing the above task.

Tuesday  had me working away on these four Patch blocks for Dust off a Quilt Book Blog Hop.
Wednesday I finally finished the binding on my motorbike quilt in the evening in front of the TV.
Thursday meant I could start the binding on my other quilt niw the Motoerbike quilt was completed. Still plenty more to go on this one, you will see again next week for sure.

No sewing on Friday I did a little bit of cutting but that was it. So Saturday afternoon I managed to start this section of my Coral Reef  quilt.
These are the projects that I was working on this week, as always there is plenty of other projects waiting to be completed and started.  I am never without a project or two.
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Keep Stithing

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Show Your Stripes Blog Hop

 Welcome to the last day of our Show your Stripes Blog Hop. I hope you have had fun this week with all the striped projects. A big thank you to Carla for organising this blog hop. She always does a fantastic job.  Today we have the following bloggers sharing their projects.

Thursday, February 25th

Cynthia's Creating Ark         (You are Here)

I have had a busy start to the year, so the plan was to do a small project. Placemats or maybe a small table topper was the plan. I picked the fabric and cut enough to sew a sample block to check I was happy with it.

At that point something happened! I found myself picking another striped fabric and cutting into that one along the first one. I needed more blocks.  As you can see I started with the one on the left and then add the red one. Picture of bolts to prove I didn"t sew the red one.

Cutting /Sewing frenzy at this point.  A Blissful sewing session  happening. Chain piecing, the music going and so on.

All of a sudden I had 30 Four Patch blocks made and I had whipped up a small quilt rather than a place mat or table topper. 

This is where I got stuck. A border or no border? As I was sewing it I was thinking no border but then I thought a solid border and then maybe one of the stripes I used in the blocks as a border. Choices?

 So I had a little give away for you. The prize is this striped bundle below -4 x 50cm width of fabric = 2 metre of fabric.

All you have to do to be in the draw to win  this prize is let me know what you would do with the quilt top. Leave it as is, maybe add a border or two, you tell me what you think would look good. On the 1st March 2021 I will draw a winner for this prize from the comments left.

If you have missed any days of this blog hop you can find the full schedule here.

 Until Next Time

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Saturday, February 20, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #7

 Another week at Cynthia's Ark  and there is always something happening here. It has been a mixed week here, some sewing, some cutting and a little bit of other stuff thrown in for good measure.

Sunday after a day of teaching I sat down for an evening of hand stitching the binding down,

Monday there wasn't much time for stitching but I got one hexie done.

Nothing happened sewing wise on Tuesday but I was cutting, Wednesday was another day with orders to fill and other stuff to do.  With that said I did do a bit more binding work before bed.

On Thursday I set the machine up and got stuck in to the sewing part of my Coral Reef project.

Friday saw me working on my Coral Reef project.  This section is nearly nearly done.         

Saturday morning I whipped up a few  Four Patch blocks for a secret project.

That wraps up my week of sewing. Who knows what next week will bringing.

Until Next Time

Keep Stitching


PS Even if you only stitch for a few minutes. Over a week it adds up.

Monday, February 15, 2021

Glacier Star Has Started

 This year the ladies have picked Glacier Star to do as their Quiltworx Technique of the Month. It is an older one but is still stunning. Now as a new Certified Shop I am now the teacher and this is my first of many. As I work through Coral Reef the latest edition to the Technique of the Month series the ladies have already decided that one will be next.

We had a fantastic day on part 1 making the first block. 

A couple of class room action shots.


The ladies did so well and I won't be surprised if all the ladies complete  this section before our next section next month.
.Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

Saturday, February 13, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #6

 This week at Cynthia's Ark saw me at the machine a little more than last week. Now that is alway a good thing.

I didn't have much time for stitching on Sunday but did cut and join some strips up for a project that needs binding.
Some secret sewing for the Show your Stripes Blog Hop on between the 22nd and 25th February.

I cut these strips last week and this week I cut them in to squares. These are for a scrappy workshop project I am creating.

On Friday I was back in binding mode preparing binding for another one of my projects. Now I have some hand stitching for the evenings.
Saturday with no class on in the shop I was able to finish these flying geese units for my Glacier Star in between customers,

I wonder what I will be sewing in the up coming week!  
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

350 Block Report 2021 - February

 This month's total is 28.

I finished the blocks off for this one 12.

30 blocks to my striped project.

8 Flying geese blocks

4 Quilt as you Hexagons

44  Four Patch blocks for a blog hop next month.

My total this month is 98.

My yearly total is 186.

Until Next Time

Keep Stitching


Sunday, February 7, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #5


This week's stitching has been very lean. There has been so much other work to do, I found myself far from the machine and no time for any hand stitching.

Though sewing has been lean I have been spending a lot of time with fabric, cutting the Beemindful BOM and cutting for up coming workshops and a little for me.

Some cutting for a stripe themed workshop which popped in my head while working on my Striped themed project tfor the up coming Show your Stripes Blog Hop in a couple of weeks. Sorry can't share those pictures yet.

I finished the blocks for this project from Easy Does It a 3 yard quilt book which we stock.

Lastly Saturday night saw me doing a little hand stitching. It has been a while since I have played with hexies.

We will see what the next week brings, I hope to get back to some Quiltworx stitching. As I type this post I can see the fabrics I have selected for my Coral Reef Quilt. I hope for some cutting time at least this week on that project.

Until Next Time

Keep Stitching


Thursday, February 4, 2021

One Monthly Goal February Goal

  We have reached February already and it's time to set a new goal for the month.  I thought I have this one covered, a couple of quilts will need their binding added. The thing is I haven't yet picked them up for my long arm quilter Valerie. So how do I do a goal setting post without any pictures on hand of the quilts. I know one there is no picutre but the motorbike one I swear I took a couple of pictures. Checked my computer- no luck, checked Blogger I must have posted an in progress picture during the making- no picture either. New phone so no point checking there.  Not on my tablet either. So i wait until I pick them up and realise there is actually 3 quilts that will need binding. I am only putting two down for this month's goal. Here they are my motorbike panel quilt.

As always they are beautifully quilted this one has cogs all over it.

The second one is my Freespirit Sunflower Quilt.
This one was a fun quilt to make. I love how it looks seamless from left to right with the blocks sitting in the middle. It's like they are sitting on top.

Now to pick binding for both projects.

I have shared my post with Elm Street Quilts goal setting post, so pop over and check out what everyone is working on this month.

Until Next Time

Keep Stitching