Saturday, March 13, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #10

 Here is what I was stitching this week.

Sunday I had a good session at the machine and got through part one of three on this section and started on two.

Monday I was out and about so not a lot of time for stitching but did get the binding sewn on to my lastest project. Now for the hand stitching.

Tuesday I got one block for my American Honey completed only five more to go.

Wednesday was a busy day, no sewing during the day, so after dinner I decided to set the machine  up and get a couple of hours in. I got as far as turning the lights on and putting the machine on the table and the power went out. That stuffed my plan up and the power wasn't due to return to 1 am. No sewing.

Thursday was looking promising the plan was an afternoon of sewing. I did get to the machine for a couple of hours and got all the TPR marked and the vein added to finish off this group of my Coral Reef.

Friday saw me do some secret Tilda sewing. No picture today for you but next week I can start to share what is going on. After the Tilda  sewing I did do some more work on my Glacier Star.

Saturday saw me doing preparing some applique pieces for my Coral Reef quilt.

Until Next Time

Keep Stitching


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