Sunday, March 28, 2021

Panel Time at Cynthia's Ark

I love how easy a panel quilt can come together. They make great quick presents for all sorts of occasions. I have made my share of them over the years.  You can keep them simple or you can go to town on them and create an elaborate creation. Though sometimes a panel can stump you an it takes a bit longer to work out how you can use it.

These two quilts features 2 panels each, the centre panel and then I have cut a second block panel up and added it to the top and bottom of the centre panel with extra borders to create a single bed size  quilt.

This is the current panel quilt that I am quilting. Very effective. It will look like a pieced quilt once I am done. All I have added is the last two borders. The quilting of each section will create\the pieced effect.
Now I know you are wondering why I am sharing these panel quilts. I have a challenge for anyone who wants to join in featuring panels. Come back on the 31st March to find out more.
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Keep Stitching

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