Saturday, March 6, 2021

My Stitching Snapshot #9

 This week has seen a lot of secret sewing behind the scenes to reveal this quilt for the Dust Off a Quilt book Blog hop.

I did squeeze in joining these two up so I could see if I had it right. Still some applique to go once I complete the other 7.

Binding in front of the tv featured this week again. A different project but it is still binding.

Saturday night and I a still finishing the binding, though I should finish it in my next session. I better prepare the next one for binding. Yes there is one more to go.
Throw in a guild meeting on Thursday and two days of full Project Uninterrupted sessions in the shop meant no machine time  for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 
Sunday may see my luck change. It is a public holiday here on Monday you never know a girl's luck, I may get some sewing time.
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching

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