Monday, August 10, 2015

My Wishes Quilt is Completed.

Yes finally I have another finish to cross off my 2015 list. This quilt was from the Fat Quarter Shop blog. It was their Wishes Block of the Month last year. I was using some of my reproduction stash and  I only brought the meterage of the background fabric for it. Once again Valerie from the House of Valerie has done a wonderful job quilting it for me. I left it to her to select the quilting design and I loved it on sight.

During the week before I picked it up I was kicking myself over the fact I didn't keep all the leftover to make a scrappy matching binding but yesterday I was thinking I was already working from scraps so there wasn't a lot of pieces large enough for binding. I did have 3 fabrics in the stash that were in the quilt, 2 blue and a red. So after asking my LSH (long suffering husband) which one he liked. It was decided the red was the better choice.

Everything was going fine until I reached the last corner and I thought I had run out of bobbin thread but it turn out I was wrong but I was low. Was there enough to finish the binding? How high up did I start on this side? Then I noticed I was almost to the last binding strip. I hope my maths was correct.
I can tell you my maths was correct and I didn't run out of binding but I did run out of bobbin thread this close to the finish. What a bummer. I suppose it is better I run out of bobbin thread than binding. It is easier to slip in a full bobbin then add another strip of binding.
So here she is all finished. Sorry it isn't the best picture I was on a ladder to take this photo and not feeling too secure and it wasn't too bright.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching
PS Hopefully I will be writing a post on my Farmer's Wife Sampler sooner than later as I have change my mind again and left it with Valerie to quilt for me. I wanted to hand quilt it but realistic I knew it would take me years and I really want to use it. Just not enough time to sew all the projects I want to make.

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