Friday, August 21, 2015

Hot Bolt of the Week #3

This week's Hot  Bolt of the Week is Kaffe's Collective 15 Pansy fabric. Now I know there are lots of pansy lovers out there, I am one of them. 

So this is a great buy and it is a recent arrival in store. It is a bargain to get 40% off a new one. Pop over to Cynthia's Ark to buy some now.  
If you have been following my blog you would of seen me make a plump cushion from this pansy fabric. The one thing I noticed with these fabrics from this range is how soft and silky the fabric feels.  
I think it would make a lovely summer skirt. Maybe it is something I should have a go at making. Push my skill boundaries a little. What do you think? 

Just reminding everyone the Free Gift Special Offer on the website runs out on the 31st August 2015.
Until Next Week
Keep Stitching 

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