Saturday, August 8, 2015

Little Joys Quilt Along #2

If you read my Little Joys Quilt Along post from last week, you would know I planned to finish the last block (the Christmas present) on Friday. Guess what! It didn't happen I had all these plans I was going to come home from a local craft store with some extra supplies and sew way into the night. I can say I did start but I didn't get far in and I hit the wall. As I knew I had a big day on Saturday I turn in. There is no point continuing when you are feeling headachy and tired. Some days I have enough trouble with making mistake when I am feeling good, so there is no point when I am feeling poorly.

Any way I did get the last 3 present block completed on Tuesday night so it was time to assemble the top.

I am going to have to plan a quilting day and starting a few of these projects to complete them.

Here is the top altogether without the last border but I can tell you that border is on. I just forgot to take another photo.
Now to baste it for quilting, I am going to use the Christmas tree fabric for the backing. It is my favourite in the range.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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