Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Word for 2016

My word for 2015 was time. Make time to do the things I needed to do. Take time out with the important people in my life. Stop wasting time and so on. I did ok I think. I can see looking back I was able to achieve more than I did in 2014.
It has taken me a good week on deciding what 2016 word was going to be. there is a lot of good words to chose from. Some of the words I was looking at included Shine, Wow, Dazzle, Create, Learn. Really the first three words are the same and I will do them next year hopefully but the last two were more interesting. They cover two areas I know I will need to harness to continue to grow. I have learnt some much in the last two years that when I look back I can say two years ago I had no idea how to do that and I have mastered it especially when it comes to blogging, Facebook, websites, marketing, using online applications. The list goes on but with learning comes Create. I have created to need to learn all this stuff and there is more to learn so I can continue creating new designs, workshop, classes, ads and continue to evolve the Cynthia's Ark brand and grow my business so it becomes whole and I can give the other job away.

So the word for 2016 is CREATE. I want to spend more time creating new designs, new workshops, shop displays, newsletters, a new mailing list, a Cynthia's Ark Facebook group so we can all get together and Sew and Share what we are working on and that is the start of 2016 Big Year of Creating.

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