Saturday, December 19, 2015

It is Sizzling Hot here.

What a week we are having here in South Australia. We are now up to our 4th day over 40 degrees and that doesn't include the days before hand which were in the mid to high 30's. They have promise us a change on Sunday for a couple of days back in the 20's before it heats up again for Christmas. Christmas day is looking dodgy. It could be boiling hot if the next change is late or it could be a nice day if the change arrives early. All I know is some of my cooking needs to be done on Christmas Eve eg the pavlova need to be done so I can cook the pork on Christmas morning.
So what do I do when it is this hot. I don't want to do much but I have been enjoying some simple four patch block sewing for a couple of projects.

Yes that is some more of the up coming Harrington range which will be in store early next year. There is a lot of four patch blocks in my new quilt pattern featuring the Harrington range of fabrics by Leonie Bateman for Penny Rose Fabrics. So it will suit some of the advanced beginners out there and for the more experienced it won't be as challenging but placement will be  the critically part of the design.

Some of the Four Patch blocks from Allietare Mystery quilt from Quiltville.

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Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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