Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Quick Christmas Project.

I had to visit a fabric/ homewares discount shop yesterday for a couple of things and though I don't buy my quilting fabrics from them I always look in the remnant bin to see what is in there. Generally I am looking for pieces that will work for the soft toys I make. I have found some fur like pieces and felt pieces which suit animals. Anyway for some reason I picked this piece of red and white Christmas fabric, I couldn't really see the design but I could tell it had some red reindeer on it and it was only $4.00 for the 50 cm piece. What the hell I thought! I am sure I can do something with it. Let's see if I can create a quick and easy project.

When I got it home and open it up it screamed table runner.
So here is how I turn this piece of fabric into a quick table runner for a quick last minute gift or for your own table. As this piece was longer than the standard quilting fabric length I need an extra piece to length the backing fabric.
I cut the green into two pieces and sewed the striped fabric to them.
It was time for basting the two fabric with batting in between them and pin the layers together. You can use basting spray if you prefer. It was too hot to use it as I tend to use it outside due to the smell of it, which I don't like.

Some simply straight  quilting for this quick project. I used masking tape to help keep the lines fairly straight with white cotton.
Remind me to but a better brand of blue tape as they were nearly off by the time I finished my 6 lines of quilting or maybe it was just too hot, over 40 degrees again.
Then it was time for the binding and I went with red. I did consider the green I used on the back but I liked the red a little more.
There you go, a completed table runner. Of course this would work with any fabrics of any theme to make a quick table runner.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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