Sunday, December 13, 2015

Under the Pressure Foot #16

I have been waiting for this range to arrive since I ordered it in June. It is Thimble Pleasures and features vintage sewing machines panel, scissors, tape measures, thimbles and sewing sayings. They are all now available at Cynthia's Ark.

I have two projects ideas for you for this range.  Today I will share the first idea and next week I will share the other idea once I do a little more sewing on the project. Firstly the panel can easily be cut into 2 strips of 4 sewing machines.

So the first idea is a table runner. So you could make 2 table runners from 1 panel or you could make 1 table runner and 4 matching cushions. For the table runner all you need is a cream inner border. I used Riley Blake Designs Shades Cream fabric for an inner border.

Then I used the Thimble fabric from Thimble Pleasures for the second border.

I will have to find some quilting time now to finish this table runner off but I do know I will be using the tape measure fabric for the binding.
When I finish this table runner I will write the pattern up and put it under the tutorial tab for anyone who would like to make one. These fabrics are available at Cynthia's Ark.
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