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Cynthia's Ark Vintage Sewing Machine Table Runner

Here is Cynthia's Ark Vintage Sewing Machine Table Runner tutorial as promise.

You can find the PDF version under the tutorial tab.


1 Thimble Pleasures Vintage Sewing Machine Panel                  20cm Shades Cream Fabric (1st border)                         30cm Thimble Pleasures Thimble fabric (2nd border)              20cm Thimble Pleasures Table Measure fabric (Binding)         120cm Thimble Pleasure Sewing Sayings Fabric (Backing Fabric)   60 x  130 cm Batting/ Wadding                                Sewing Machine and your sewing supplies

Cut your panel in half so you have a strip of 4 machines for your table runner and select which one you want to use, leaving the selvedges on for the moment. The other piece you could make a second table runner as a gift or they would make a lovely set of matching cushions.  (See Note at the bottom of this pattern before cutting your border strips.) Cut 3 x 1 ½’ strips from the cream fabric and sew a full strip to the top and bottom of your panel. Press to the panel. Trim off the selvedges now.  Cut 2 x 14’ strips from the last cream strip and sew them to the sides of your table runner. Press to the cream border.

Cut 3 x 3 ½’ from the thimble fabric and cut 2 x 14’ strips from one strip and sew on to the sides. Press outwards. Sew the rest of the first strip to the other strip lengthwise. I put the short piece in the middle of the 2 full strips and you should end up with a long 3 ½’ strip. Cut 2 x 49 ½’ and sew them to the top and bottom of your table runner. Press outwards.

Cut your backing fabric into half and sew the two pieces longwise. Press seam open. Lay your backing fabric out (wrong side up) then the batting goes on top followed by the quilt top (right side up). Make sure you smooth out any lumps and baste with safety pins or use your preferred method. Quilt your table runner as you like. I just stitched around each machine frame a couple times and in the ditch with Aurifil #2000 50wt.

To make the binding cut 3 x 2 ½’ strips from your binding fabric and join the strips end to end with a 45 degree mitred seam, press the seams open. Press the binding strip in half lengthwise with the wrong sides facing. Stitch the binding the front of the quilt, mitring the corners as you go and mitre the binding ends together to complete and sew in place. Trim the backing and batting to ½’ from your binding stitching line. Fold the binding over the edge to the back of the quilt and slip stitch it in place with a matching coloured thread. Don’t forget to finish your quilt with a label on the back.

Finished size: 20’ x 49’ (51 x 124cm)

NOTE: Before cutting any of the border strips measure through the middle of your table runner in the direction of the border strips you need to cut, to double check your cutting length as we are all sew a little differently and cut to your measurement if they don’t match mine.

This pattern can be used with other panels with coordinating fabrics. This makes an excellent weekend project.
All Fabrics and Aurifil threads are available from Cynthia’s Ark
Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of this pattern. However the designer has no control over the choice of materials or procedures used, no responsibility will be taken or results guaranteed.
This quilt was designed by Cynthia Woodham for Cynthia’s Ark. This pattern is for personal use only, not to be copied in any form without the permission from the designer. Copyright © Cynthia’s Ark 2015

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