Sunday, December 20, 2015

Under the Pressure Foot #17

Sunday was a lot cooler day so I decided to tackle some quilting. There is a pile of tops that I need to do something with and there will be more on their way. I am trying to work out a plan for next year's projects and I can't quite get it worked out. I need to focus on my original designs and shop samples but I see something that catches my eye and I'm off running in a totally different direction. I'm sure I will work it out but for now I think I will just work on finishing some of the projects that are nearly finished.That way I can cross them of this year's UFO list and if they are not on that list stop them from making next year UFO list. That post will follow soon.
So there was two projects in my sight for quilting. I started with the smaller of the two. A new project using the newly arrived Quilty Pleasures range of fabric. A table runner, there will be a quilt to follow shortly. Just some simple quilting to highlight the frames around the machines followed by a little border quilting.

The second project is my Double wedding ring Bed Runner which was going to be a quilt but after the first two rings I decided to scale it down or it would sit on my UFO list for a number of years I think. I started this a while ago but it still needed to be finished. There is a lot of quilting to be done and it has been a great practise piece for using my Ruler Foot and 12' arc ruler from my Sampler Set.

It took me most of the afternoon to finish it but I got there in the end and dinner was a little late. Luckily my LS Husband is on holidays and didn't need an early dinner.
Until  Next Time
Keep Stitching
PS I have the binding on the table runner. An evening in front of the television will see it finished.

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