Tuesday, March 1, 2016

350 Block Project 2016 -February's Report.

It is time for February 350 Block Project report. This month's total is 30.

No sewing in the first week of February but a lot of designing and pattern writing happened. With the Christmas Reproduction Sampler Block of the Month I am trying writing the block instructions before I make the blocks instead of making notes as I make the block then writing. So I have completed my 3 February blocks.

Plus I have pulled out my Scrap Dance project. The block components needed arranging into their order and then the blocks can be sewn together. This was a mystery quilt from last year and it is on my Project Uninterrupted list to completed. 11 blocks completed so far.

Next more work on the Stash bash project #1, the last row of blocks were joined together and then I sewed the 6 rows together and the 2 borders for a total 9. Plus it is finished.

Then there was the second Stash Bash project more blocks. I made 2 basket blocks and 8 windmill blocks. 10 more to the total.
I have started my blocks for the Scrap Dance Tango quilt along.so far 2 blocks completed.
This last week of February was not very good. I sure of made a few more blocks than I did but it is too late now.
February's total is 35 blocks. 
My year total so far is 96 blocks. 
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching

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