Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Scrap Bin is Overflowing

There has been lots of sewing happening here and the scrap bin is overflowing. This bin has the real small scraps, like row off cuts, trimming up pieces, and so on.

The larger scraps that are leftovers from projects that still have more than 12 inches in size go in another box. That box is nearly full too but that box is neatly folded compared to the one above.

Now the Stash Bash Sewing Party projects are coming to completion, it is time to work on the next workshop idea I have planned and this one is a scrappy workshop. Perfect to dig into the scrap bins everywhere and use some of your scraps up. No doubt to make room for new scraps to be add down the track.
I have a plan for the pattern so it is time for some EQ7 work and pencil in some time to sort through this bin and press everything in preparation.
How do you store your scraps? I'm sure there is a better way than throwing them into a bin like I do. Maybe I just need to take the time to fold and put them away in a different box rather in this bin.
 If you need me I will be at the ironing board pressing this lot into some kind of order.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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