Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wandering Camera Post #2

This month I took the camera out to my messy garden. I like to garden and I mainly grow fruit and vegetable but I don't have a lot of time so my garden is nearly always messy. At this time of the year the garden has been subjected to a lot of heat as we have reached the end of our summer here in South Australia. Not that you can tell with a week of 32 plus degree days and another week of 36 degree days in the forecast. Summer continues. It make it hard to garden, keep plants alive and looking good. So I thought this would be an interesting activity to see what beauty I could find among the mess of my garden.
Unfortunately most of my yard looks like this. It was a blank canvas so to speak when we moved in 6 years ago. Nothing but rubbish in the yard and it is large. So there was no way I could transform it quickly, especially needing to put rainwater tanks to start collecting water to be able to water a future garden.
In my little patch down the back of the yard you will find this. I took these pictures after I watered in the early morning.
 Even in this heat there is some lemon blossoms on the lemon tree.
 One of my Rhubarb plants. Something I have been growing easily. I dug up one plant to bring with me when we moved here. Now I have 4 plants in total. 
 Some lemons on my tree. The tree is 10 years old and came with us also as it was in a pot. Now in the ground and this will be the best crop we have had from the tree.
 I can find a little bit of growth in the garden on my lime tree.

 One of the few non edible plants in the garden from my friend Mandy.
Lastly the pumpkin vine in flower with a little bee have breakfast. Unfortunately the plants have done well, lots of flowers but no pumpkins.
Nice to see there is greenery out there in our waste land.
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