Monday, March 14, 2016

Spiral Shells Curves.

On the 3rd March I attend a lecture by Kaffe Fassett when he was visiting Adelaide, South Australia. I knew a little bit about him through a friend who had attended his workshop last time he was here. It turned out to be a very inspiring evening learning more about him and how he see things. It also gave me a new appreciation for his fabrics. I have a very limited range of the Kaffe Collective fabrics in the shop as I couldn't work out the best way of using these fabrics. I have made a few cushions as shop samples but nothing really inspiring.

Something Kaffe said regarding what to do with such large prints- "cut it up." It stuck in my head. How to cut such prints is now sparking ideas in my head. I am still playing with ideas but I start on a reversal quilt using the 2 Spiral Shell and the zig zag fabrics in stock. What would happen if I cut the zig zag at a slight angle. What effects could I create?
Experiment #1
My straight borders don't look very straight now do they? It has created bent borders though I have straight seams.

Now to continue to playing with the ideas forming since I now have some ideas of what can happen. I may go a little cross eyed playing with these bent zig zags.
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