Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cotton Carnivale 2016 Round Up #1

Heading home from Cotton Carnivale 2016, my head is full of ideas and plans. I hope everyone is going join in in the fun we are going to have over the next 12 months.
This year Carnivale was held on the cruise ship Carnival Spirit on a three day cruise to nowhere.

We had lectures and workshops. Lots to learn and try. We had a play with  some fussy cutting octagons with Sue. We are going to run the All Over the Octagon club. It is a 10 month English paper piecing program with fabric, template and papers each month that make octagons when pieced together.  $38 per month plus postage. Starting in May.

This club is perfect if you love fussy cutting or if you haven't done fussy cutting before. With the first month you will receive a Cynthia's Ark fussy cutting bonus pack to get you to start. It will include the Sue Daley glue pen, needles, thread and a fussy cutting mirror. To sign up pop over to Cynthia's Ark today to reserve your spot and your Cynthia's Ark Fussy Cutting bonus pack. (Valued at $36.50) 

Join us today for some fussy cutting fun.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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