Thursday, March 31, 2016

350 Block Project- March's Report

This month total is 30 blocks.

More work on the Stash Bash projects. I finished Breezy Baskets off by sewing up the last  2 rows them joining the last 3 rows together with 2 borders, making it 7 for this one.

Some more work on Diamonds in the Breeze so for 14 more Windmill blocks and 14 diamond blocks. 5 rows sewn with 4 sashing strips and 2 borders for a total of 39.

The last eight Scrap Dance block finished. Now I have to sew all the blocks together and sewn into 5 rows, a total 13.

I also finished the last 8 blocks from February clue on the Scrap Dance Tango. Plus the 10 blocks for March are done. No Picture I swear I took the photos but I can't find them.

2 very large wonky blocks.

From Cotton Carnivale 2016 I have completed 2 octagon blocks, and a basket block.

Yes they are staples in my basket block. It is Leonie way of securing the basket to the background. I still need to remove them.

In the end I did all right for March with a total of 82.
Until next Time
Keep Stitching

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