Monday, February 29, 2016

Last Day in February.

A leap year so we have an extra day in February. I have wondered on and off during my life what makes February special for it to only have 28 days and every fourth year 29 days. Who selected February, it could have been any month couldn't it? No matter what- we have an extra day this year and we should not waste it. I don't know if other people have wondered about this or is it just because I am a February baby, born on the 28th February in a leap year. Today I thought I would share with everyone my latest finish and my current favourite. Catch Me if you Dare Quilt.

It is Project # 1 from the Stash Bash Sewing Party which is happening between the 12-14th March. There is 2 workshops in store and you have four quilt patterns to choose from to make in the workshop. One block four quilt. Raid your stash for the fabrics or purchase the Stash Bash Fabric pack which features La Vie Boheme fabric by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake Designs. Join us online if you can't make a workshop. The fabric packs are available now at $70 from the website and the pattern will be available next week in PDF format and paper format.
A couple of close up shots of the fantastic quilting Valerie did for me using Glide thread that we stock.

Lastly my favourite shot of this quilt. Any questions about the Stash bash Sewing Party just ask. I am happy to help.
Until Next time Keep Stitching

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