Saturday, November 21, 2015

Barossa Craft Fair & Market Round Up

Yesterday we were trading at the Barossa Craft Fair & Market. This is an annual event and generally our last event of the year. So we like to go out with a bang. We have a good spot so you can't miss us as you enter. It was a day filled with fun, shopping, learning and socializing, topped with lots of sales. I was doing some Inklingo demo's introducing everyone to printing their shapes onto their fabrics, eliminating the need for templates. I will need to do some new samples for next year's events program. Ideas were running through my head on how I can do it better for next time and what else I can show them.  We had a some new products to share. Mainly our new Quick Quilts range, 4 designs to choose from to start with. There is Thomas the Tank Engine, Busy Builders, Surprise Birthday and Polka Dot Pond Friends. They come with all the fabric and basic instructions.

Di and her team of helpers did a stunning job arranging and organising the event. People don't realise how much goes into running an event like this. Everyone need to pitch in and help and do their part to make an event like this successful.  So a big thank you to them from us.

These lights are a curse to me. I bought these lights 3 years ago for this event. That year I forgot them completely, left them on my desk. Last year I remembered to take them but forget the batteries for them so I got 1 set out and then realised what I had done. Well this year I made sure I had them with the batteries in my bag. Guess what I totally forgot them and it wasn't until Sunday morning that it hit me that I forget these lights. I can't believe I did that.  Maybe next year I will use them. I alway forget something but normally I forget to bring it, not have it in my bag and not use it.
I might have to hang them in the shop, just to use them.

Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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