Friday, November 6, 2015

Fabric Overload

Friday was such a busy day. There has been lots to do lately and I have been working late most days this week. So I was pretty tired by the time I got home just before 6pm. I left the house at 6.10am so I was out all day. I had collected an fabric order that had arrived and I was wondering what had come in. It is still one of my favourite things opening the fabric shipments, some orders I know exactly what is in them, others I have to order months in advance. The ones I order months in advance are the special surprise ones. I wonder which range has arrived. This one was a mixed batch. We have more Tula Pink fabrics, Paula Barnes Companions, Always the Season (which is this month's Stashing Building Club shipment) and Loominious which I can't believe how soft it feels to touch and the rich colours just sing to me. I know there is a couple more still to come from this range. These fabric will be available shortly at Cynthia's Ark.
Top -Tula Pink Eden, Middle - Always the Season &  Bottom-Tula Pink Elizabeth

Paula Barnes Companion The yellow is more a gold in colour.

Loominious Top bolt is more red than orange.
Now there was another parcel waiting for me when I got in that my LSH( long suffered husband) collected from the post office. It was from Millhouse Collections. I buy all my  Riley Blake Designs and Penny Rose Fabrics stock from them so I always have something coming from them lately. Another shipment arriving early next week but this one was different. This one I didn't know about. What was in blew my mind I couldn't believe what I was looking at when I opened it.
 In my hands I was holding the fabrics from Leonie Bateman's Harrington range. I ordered this range back in July and I have ordered the whole range (first time ever) because I loved the whole range and I don't think that has ever happened. There is alway a few I don't care for but this one is different. The other thing I have noticed fabrics can lose a little of their magic on paper (in catalogues) and on the computer screen but when they are in your hands they just sing so loudly you can't turn them down. This is what this range does to me. A big happy dance around the kitchen was done and  all of a sudden I wasn't as tired as I felt when I walked in the door. Ah the magic of fabric!

Hopefully we will have stock in December when it is set for release here but I will be able to load all the fabric on the shop early for you to browse along with the quilt pattern that goes with this range. I will be able to kit the quilt up as well. I will be make the quilt as a shop sample so we can do some workshops on it if you want to join me making it.
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching

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