Monday, November 2, 2015

Black Sheep, White Sheep

I am continuing with pattern testing this week. All this is leading to the Cynthia's Ark Safari workshops. Where you can come and spend some time into the shop making a soft toy animal from the animal patterns  we have in stock. So why am I making some up. There is a few reasons for me to do this. They are-
1 . Pattern test- To find out how easy the item is to make.
2. How well written the pattern is. Some patterns can be overwritten making them hard to understand though what they want you to do is easy to do if written up simply.
3. My theory is if I can make it, most other people can make it. Plus it helps me when someone needs help making up the pattern and they are stuck. I am already familiar with the pattern so I find it easier to help others.
4. It is good to check the patterns fabric requirements and finished size. I know some patterns can have extra fabric listed and some patterns will only have exactly what you need listed. This is good for me to know when cutting fabrics for kits or for the customer's.
5. Lastly I need a shop sample to show you what the kit fabrics look like when they are made.

So the pattern I am making this week is a special requested by my LSH (long suffering husband) who is a big fan of Shaun the Sheep. That means I am making Melly & Me Black Sheep, White Sheep. I have made a few of their patterns Oliver Hoot, Dee Dee the Dolphin and Baby Bunnies. This one is a little more challenging than the others just for the fact there is a zip involved.

The first parts were no trouble - cutting and sewing legs, arms, body, head and ears and then cutting them out and stuffing. In all making the sheep wasn't too bad. The scary part was making his little suit. Working with the minkee was a little challenging and that zip. I managed to get it in but it could've been neater and more even.

 Considering I can count the number zips I have used in projects on 1 hand, I thought I did ok. It fitted and it works. What more can I ask for!

Time to move on to the next project but remember if you want to make your own sheep the pattern is available on my shop at Cynthia's Ark.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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