Saturday, November 14, 2015

Under the Pressure Foot #15

This week there has been nearly nothing under my pressure foot. So I set myself a crazy challenge of 4 Childrens quilt in one day. Three of them are just panels so they will only need pinning, quilting and binding but the fourth one will need side borders add to it to make it a little larger.

Why put myself under this pressure? It is crazy. I know but I have one more event for the year and though I have 3 of the quilt kits for sale I have no samples to show the customers what they look like when finished. I have being going to do this for the last 4 months and still haven't found the time to do it. Over the last month I have been trying to get myself better organised to save time, get more done and go places business wise. My key issue seem to be planning I want to do all these things and I never seem to manage to get to them. So I am working to a new schedule, planning my days better, setting myself time limits, doing the dreaded jobs first and not putting them off so they become huge problems. Which has brought me to this point. Four quilts in one day, now it will be ok if I don't get all four done but if I don't work on them in my allocated time slot that will be another matter. Plus the shop is open so I will be stopping to help the customers along the way.
 So here goes.
I got the wadding box out and there was only one piece that I could use. Of course it fits the pieced one. I don't mind sewing two pieces of wadding together but more then that it is too messy for me. So I better created a table runner workshop for next year. So I started with the Polka Dot Pond Friends first. I added a couple of side borders to make it a little wide and then I was ready for pining.

To quilt this one I just followed some of the outline on the panel, like the water and the clouds. Then some of the straight lines including  some stitching in the ditch of the 2 side borders. Add the binding and it was ready for the hand sewing part by lunch. I will kit this one up for anyone who is interested.

Next on my list was the Surprise Birthday quilt. This one was an easy one as the hardest part was laying the three layers exactly on top of each other as it is just two pieces of fabric.

The fabric shows you exactly where to quilt as it looks like a pieced top, so my favourite Aurifil red #2250 comes out to quilt it. I wonder how many times I have used this red this year- at least three times I am thinking.
Then I finished it off with the lime green from the range for the binding. A kit will be available shortly for you to make your own.
So on to #3 the Busy Builders quilt once again it is a panel making it super easy to make in an afternoon and this one is already available on my website for sale.

So I got three done. At one stage I thought 2 was going to be it but I did the hardest one first. Thomas is still to be done. I will see if I can get it done one night during the week.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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