Friday, January 8, 2016

Under the Pressure Foot #19

It is time to sit in front of the sewing and doing some sewing. The machine had the walking foot on as I was joining some batting piece together to make pieces larger so I can use them up. So that made the decision for me on where I should start. I need to finish my Vintage Sewing Machine Quilt that matching the Table Runner I made late last year and did a tutorial on. I just wanted to do some stitch in the ditch work on it. Decision made off I went. It was pinned ready for quilting. 
With Quiltcam playing on the laptop and Ponchee my sewing offsider for company. I was set for a Friday night of sewing. I must play around with some more FMQ work but I didn't think this was the project for that. Sometime the simple stitch in the ditch is all you need. So basically I let the cream strips throughout the quilt govern where I stitched.
Once quilted I just had to do the binding as well. So close to finishing I couldn't help myself. On the table runner I used the tape measure fabric for the binding but the great effect of that binding was a lost against the busy thimble fabric, as you can see in this picture.

 So I used the black this time for the binding. I cut my strips, joined them together and pressed. There was one strip I joined the wrong way so the seam was on the outside of the binding. I unpicked it and fixed it and got stuck into sewing it on. Look what happen! I didn't quite make it. I didn't want to cut a full strip for a 4 inch piece of binding.  I have been trying to use some of my left overs up. There will be a post on that to come. I pulled the scrap bin out and had a look for a suitable piece to use.

 I found this piece. I think it is a pretty good match and from the picture below it looks almost the same. I can tell you the binding is a plain black and the other piece is actually a black blue batik fabric but it is so close I used.
There is a slightly difference but I think if you didn't know you won't notice it. It is only a small piece and I don't have a 38 inches binding strip left over. 

Now to just finish the hand stitching on the binding. I will shared the finally quilt when I finish it and do a free tutorial for anyone who would like to make this quilt next week. These fabrics are from the Thimble Pleasures range of fabrics and are available from me at Cynthia's Ark 
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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