Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Introducing The Block Library

I would like to introduce  everyone to The Block Library by Cynthia's Ark. Each month we are going to explore a quilt block with instructions on how to make it in a couple of sizes, a couple of quilt layouts featuring the block. We will explore different techniques, lots of blocks can be pieced using a variety of methods and  you still come out with the same block at the end. We are going to feature some blocks that are well known and most likely use regularly and some are going to be new creations.  There will be easy blocks and more challenging blocks. Plus there will be some blocks that will be appearing in some of my new pattern releases. You are welcome to suggest a block and I will add it to the schedule.

Now the important bit, these will be PDF files so you will need a PDF reader to open them.
Where to find them when I release them? Sign up for my Cynthia's Ark newsletter which is at the top on the right hand side of my blog and you will receive them in your inbox attached to my monthly newsletter where you will find out what is new in stock, workshops, patterns and events. So if you have already sign up in the last month, you are all set. They are free.
 When does it start?  February's newsletter will have the first one attached to it and my plan is for the newsletter to go out in the second week of the month.
Any other questions or suggestions please  put them in the comment box and I will address them ASAP or email me on
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