Friday, January 1, 2016

Project Uninterrupted #1 - Where to Start

We are starting Project Uninterrupted on the 2nd January in store but if you can't join us for whatever the reason you can still join in with us as we work on our UFO over the year. I have attached a Project Uninterrupted chart for you to download at the bottom of this post. It is same chart if you manage to attend one of our Project Uninterrupted Session. This chart is your starting point to tackle your unfinished  projects.
Start with a black piece of paper.
1. Make a list of your unfinished projects. Leave some room next to each one for the next step.

2. Next  review each project one at a time and write next to each one what stage they are up to.

3. This is the hard step. Work out what order you want them in and marked them in the order you want to work on them. So you might want to start with the one closest to being finished or you might want to do an easy one followed by a hard one and so on. There is lots of ways to work it out. The key to our success is there is no wrong way. Just make the list up in the order you prefer. Put a number by each one and when you are happy Fill in your chart. For my chart I started with a couple that were up to the quilting stage so I could finish the quickly then I put one that needed more work and a easy one and so on. I didn't want all the harder ones at the end of the year as you know there is a chance of not having enough time later in the year with other commitments.

As you can see there is more projects that haven't been numbered on my list. These are newer projects so they can wait a little bit longer. Plus part way through the year as I completed some off my my list I might do a new list add the other projects in.
On my list I have also marked some of the projects with H/P which stand for hand piecing so they need special consideration as they take longer to complete. So I have include 2 in my list of 9 to start with.

The order you chose is not set in stone you can skip a project or two and return to them later. The key is to work with the projects you want not because it is on your list and you have to do it in that order. Who know you may have to repurpose a project because it no longer feels right in the original format, like I did with my Aurifil 2014 Block of the Month. It was never going to work as a scrappy quilt for me so I have turn it into 3 smaller quilt tops. They will become cat and dog blankets for some lucky pets when I finish them.

We are only highlighting the projects so we know what we have. We don't want to reach December 2016 with the burden of more partially made projects on top of the ones we already have.

 I have set up a Cynthia's Ark Project Uninterrupted group so we can share our progress on our unfinished projects. Pop over to our Cynthia's Ark Project Uninterrupted Facebook group and join us online sharing our projects, knowledge, fun and spirit while working on our unfinished project.
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Plus I have included the Cynthia's Ark Project Uninterrupted Help Chart for you to download and print off so you can kick 2016 off with a plan to finish some of your projects.

So please join us making a difference one project at a time.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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