Saturday, January 16, 2016

Allietare Mystery Quilt # 7

There has been lots of finished tops and quilts posted. Where do these quilters find the time to sewing so much. I wish I could report more progress here but it just hasn't been possible with returning to work last week and the other stuff that need to be done. I did manage to get 4 blocks sewn together by Friday. I really wanted to see what the blocks were going to look like together.

Hopefully I will get some blocks made. There is some UFO projects that need my attention. I want to get a couple of projects pinned and quilted before February Project Uninterrupted session on the 6th February. One is my Grand Illusion quilt. It will be a challenge quilting it due to the size but I am ready to do it.
I wrote this a week ago. Too much to do and not enough sewing or blogging time. I sat down at the machine on Friday night for some sewing.
By the time I was ready to published this post I have finished  6 more blocks. The plan was 16 blocks for my Allietare quilt but I ready like this pattern and I now find myself considering an extra row.

Until next time
Keep Stitching

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