Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Look what I found.

I was looking through some boxes and look what I found, another unfinished project. I have 24 English Paper pieced batik blocks and looking at the pile of papers I think I was going to make a quilt. 

Do I really want to make a lot more blocks to make a small quilt this way? Not really. So I decided to change it to a table runner, with a few matching coasters to go with it. This way I just have to make a few more blocks. So this is the table runner pieced ready for backing and then I will finish the set off with the matching coasters.

This is back of my piecing once I had removed all the middle papers. I will remove the outside papers once I am ready to finish it. When I was removing the papers I noticed 2 blocks that I accidently twisted. Oops. Should I fix it or leave it?

Here is the Let's Bee Social link, stop by and have a look at what other quilters are up to this week.
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