Thursday, September 4, 2014

Building Blocks Quilt -FMQ Along #15

In our free motion quilting quilt along I am up to block 7, the disappearing nine patch block. Having made this block before it came together very well and it wasn't long before I was ready for quilting. There is 3 blocks to quilt and the first one was pretty straight forward to quilt. So it should by now, straight lines.

The second block was more challenging with the square spiral and the circles all the same size in rows. Well the neat rows of circles disappeared into pebbles and the last block aha moment on pebbles I want to do more so I did more.

The third block featured a spiral with some stippling. The spiral was interesting to stitch, a little wobbly in some spots but it turned out ok with the stippling. 

The next block is going to be a bit more challenging so we should have some fun piecing them.
Until next time
Keep stitching

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