Thursday, December 31, 2020

Time to Review My Project list.

 Looking back on my Project Uninterrupted list  from January there was a number of completed projects but there are still some long term hangers on.

My Prismatic Star was finished off early in the year.

My Radaince Quilt only needed binding so it didn't take me long to complete it.

This table runner using the leftover grey fabric from the above quilt was finished, though I can't find a picture. You can see in the picture below the binding is on.

My dragon panel quilt is completed.
My Fractured Paintbox quilt found it's way to the completed pile.
Right at the end of the year I squeezed this one in for a finish. It was one of the long term projects on my list, only the blocks had been completed at the beginning of the year.

Six projects off the list is better than none and I did have my hands full with my Quiltworx projects.  Not a great cunning off the list but it could be worse. 
Until Next Time
Keeping Stitching

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Danice G said...

Some pretty quilts. Looks like you accomplished quite a lot.