Saturday, December 12, 2020

Under the Pressure Foot 2020 - #7

 What is by my sewing machine this weekend? Am I sewing or am I doing other stuff? Maybe I went down a rabbit hole and got lost. That happens more times than you think and before I know it I have lost hours.

I did get to the sewing machine Saturday afternoon for some foundation paper piecing and a little work on our Summer project  for the Project Uninterrupted Facebook group. I have set the group a summer project and challenged them to dig in to the stashes and use some of it up. Though they can go and buy new fabric if that what they want.

I did end up down a Covid Rabbit hole later in the day when I found out the goverment has changed the rules for retail shopping here in South Australia starting the 14th December. I had to drop what I was doing so I could find out and work out what hoops I had to jump through now. That saw me loose the last hour of my day where I could have been sewing. 

 It had to be done by Sunday and it is now sorted so I can get back to more interesting things.  Though I don't think there will be much sewing happening on Sunday but at least I will be cutting fabric in shop.  There is a kit I need to cut for January for me.
Until Next Time 
Keep Stitching

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