Monday, December 28, 2020

One Monthly Goal- December's Goal Not Achieved.

 I set myself to finish these blocks. See my original post here.  8 blocks was my plan.

I started the month off great with two blocks completed in the first week of the month. Then things went down hill from there.   I am afraid 2 blocks is all I managed,

There is no way I am going to get 6 more blocks done in 3 days, so I am calling it a bust now and moving on to what I need to complete. No point beating myself up over it. It's not going to happen, don't waste anymore time on it.
At least there is only 6 more blocks to go, when I get there.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching Cynthia

1 comment:

Julierose said...

But the two you finished are beautiful, Cynthia;))) And it has been a stressful time plus Holiday Season takes its toll timewise for sure...hang in there--
Hugs, Julierose