Thursday, December 31, 2020

350 Block Report- December

It is the last month of 2020. It has been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons. I have already reached the 350 block goal which feels good.

 This month we have 31 blocks.

Twinkle Star was my main project for December for a total of 20.

I made two more of my Honey blocks.

I start the Project Uninterrupted girls off on their Summer Project Challenge. Once again a simple one block project. So far I have made 45 blocks.

Plus  12 diamonds for my Lakeshore Sunrise Quilt. Here are 3 of them set to give you an idea of what they look like.

My total for this month is 79.  I am finishing the year off with a bang. I think this is my biggest monthly total for the year.

My total for the year is 489. I think that is a good total for this year. I know it could have been better but I could have done worse too. I am happy with what I managed to do in 2020. Looking forward to 2021.

Until Next Time

Keeping Stitching


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