Friday, December 18, 2020

Christmas is nearly here. Plans for 2021 Workshop season.

 Christmas is only a week away. It is the last weekend the shop is open until the 2nd January. Sunday will see the last session of Project Uninterrupted for the year. It will be the last time the Sunday session of Project Uninterrupted held on the third Sunday of the month. 

As of February 2021 it will be moved to the 1st Sunday of the month, joining the Friday and Saturday sessions. 10 am-2pm- Hopefully it will make it easier to keep track of the date. There are a few changes to next year's workshop calendar. Project Uniterrupted is our Sit and Sew sessions, no Teacher in the classroom. It is strictly sit, sew and chat. If you require teaching assistance in these sessions you will be charged accordingly- the Patchwork 101 price. That includes if someone in the group is doing the teaching. They are there to enjoy some sewing time themselves. It is not fair to them or me as the shop owner for this to be going on. It is why we have the Patchwork 101 sessions.

No workshops during January except for our Burra Retreat which I am hoping to make in to an annual event. The shop will be open during January for shopping, depending on the hot weather. I may close early or not open at all in the extreme temperatures. 

Patchwork 101 Saturday sessions goes from once a month to three times a month- second, third and fourth Saturday of the month, This replicates the Friday's program which we ran this year and it worked well. You can do nearly anything in this class as there is a teacher on hand for assistance.  10 am - 1pm. 

Also this year we launch our dedicated Quiltworx monthly  workshops including a Technique of the month program which this year will be Glacier Star.  At this stage I have 1 spot left for the Glacier Star workshops, Contact the shop for more details. There will be other Quiltworx patterns on offer.

Of course we will have a range of other workshops for you to do during the course of the year as part of our Expand your Knowledge series. Some featured on particular projects and others on techniques. 

Freestyling Rulerwork Workshops will continue, every 4-8 weeks depending on demand, but remember you can do rulerwork in our Patchwork 101 sessions. You just need to book into a session which I am running. So make sure you tell me you want to do rulerwork and I will make sure to book you in to the right session.

You can find the current Program here on the blog.

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