Saturday, July 1, 2017

350 Block Report 2017- June's Report

This month total is 38.

After not reaching the total for the last few months it is time for some serious sewing. Even though a couple of sewing events have not happened, I am going to sew up a storm of blocks this month. That was my plan at the start of the month.

2 Star blocks for my Pemberley quilt

1 set of apple cores sewn together for a feature block on a bag.

3 blocks sewn together for a table runner so 1 more. They are sewn together but no picture.

2 more dresden plates  half blocks created. All blocks are now completed ready for the table runner to be assembled.

6 blocks for my Gypsy Wife quilt which I should of finished but are no where near finishing.

I have done some half flowers for one of my Pemberley borders but they will not be complete until I applique them on and add their centres so I have not count them at this point of time but at least you know I have been working on something more than the above.

Still not very good is it? This month's total is 12  Really that is pitiful. I can't believe it. There must be a mistake. No mistake I am afraid.
 TIme to ask the sewing gods for some sewing time.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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AlidaP said...

Quite an interesting variety of blcoks!! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration!!