Monday, July 17, 2017

A Little Rest Time

After 4 long days it was time to put the shop back together after the Sewing Stitching and Handcraft Show. It was a great event and all that were involved did a great except for the coffees that took 40 minutes to get and they were barely warm and my Subway sandwich that was disgusting.

Some shots of my Stand. Now I can't share any from the quilt show which is ashamed but when I asked if it was ok I could only take photo for personal use and not to publish any photos anywhere but thanks to Jeannie Gregory I am able to share a couple of her pieces as she granted me permission. It is very important to get the permission before hand.

It still amaze me it only takes me a couple of hours to pack and load the car for a big event and it takes me at least half a day to unload and put the stock back in the shop.
I did get some English paper piecing shapes prepared and stitched together during my Demos which is great. I need to remember to think what I need for upcoming projects and work with them during my demos. I think it would help greatly with my progress.
Until Next Time
Keep Stitching

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